Environmental Problems

Top 7 Current Environmental Problems

Environmental problems are getting more awareness nowadays. Global warming, pollution, overpopulation and many others are becoming the main discussion subjects. It’s no surprise that the environment changes. However, we need to be aware of it and the problems it brings. Moreover, people are part of the problem.

So, we need to be concerned about the environmental changes because we are at risk of suffering from tragedies and disasters. Our planet is crying for help because the environment has degraded at an alarming rate. There are small things we can do to protect this planet from even more destruction. Therefore, here are some environmental problems we need to be aware of.

Global warming

Global warming has become very talked about. People have started to see the effects caused by it: dying polar bears, excessive snow, melting of polar ice caps, and others. Emission of Greenhouse gases is the cause for all of this. So, people start moving to renewable energy sources, to prevent this from happening anymore.


Air, as well as water, is polluted. Engine vehicle and industry fumes are toxic, and plastic, substantial metals, and nitrates are poisoning the air and soil. Our air is contaminated because of gasses discharged by manufacturing plants and businesses. The soil is polluted because of the mechanical waste, and it takes out the supplements of the soil.

Moreover, water is becoming a huge problem nowadays because it’s polluted and not safe to drink. Any waste from agricultural and industrial activities are contaminating the water, making the life of humans, plants, and animals harder.

The Earth’s surface is also degrading because of deforestation, mining, littering, agricultural and construction activities. As a result, the environmental problems caused by land pollution can significantly impact human health.


The population grows at an alarming rate. This means that more resources are going to be used and this will cause even more pollution.


Deforestation is one of the biggest environmental problems we are confronting with. Forests are known to regulate temperature and produce oxygen. About 30% of the land is covered by forests, but sadly, trees keep being cut for more shelter, clothes, and food.  Basically, forests are disappearing so people can make buildings.

The exhaustion of the ozone layer

The ozone layer protects us from being harmed by the sun rays, and it’s invisible to the eyes. The Bromide and Chlorine from Chloro-floro carbons are the ones that cause the ozone layer issue because they pollute the air. When the gases touch the upper atmosphere, a hole appears in the ozone layer.

This is a huge environmental problem because the ozone layer protects us from the harmful UV radiation.

Genetic modification

Genetic engineering means the genetic modification that uses biotechnology. Food’s genetic modification can result in toxins as genes from an infected plant can transfer to the targeted plant.

Consequently, it causes environmental problems, and animals can be affected as well.

Biodiversity loss

Humans have a huge impact on biodiversity, as they can cause the disappearance of certain species. So, people’s activity put the balance of natural processes in danger. Some of the things leading to biodiversity loss are deforestation, global warming, and pollution.


People have a huge impact on the well-being of the planet. Because of them and their activities, the environment has changed and is in danger. The air, soil, and water are polluted, and the ozone layer has a hole in it. Thus, people need to be more aware of the effects they are causing and find ways to stop their destructive actions.

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