1) Why did you choose to study Geography?

My grandfather loved Geography and his favorite part of it was the Age of Discovery. He used to tell me a lot of fascinating stories about people who discovered America and some remote islands, about indigenous peoples of different territories and their traditions, about exploration ships and how they were built. It was a great pleasure to listen to him and you could say at once that he was fond of this subject. I decided that I would only do things which would make me that happy. I am glad I haven’t lost my interest in Geography and now have a chance to share my passion with kids.

2) In the end, does your wife read this blog?

My wife and I have completely different interests and I think she has grown a bit tired of my stories for all these years together. She knows most of them by heart. What I can do is to discuss some of my ideas about posts with her. She is a great advisor and a kind of expert in what modern internet users would like to read. She also helps me improve my language and make it more up-to-date as sometimes I become too sophisticated and may scare all my readers away.

3) Your hobbies besides blogging and teaching?

To be honest, I don’t have much time for hobbies. Whenever I have a free minute I do my best to spend it with my family. Usually, we hang out together on weekends. We like traveling around the country or drive to the seaside when it`s sunny and warm outside. We also have quite a strange hobby with my son. We go to the library, read some books or journals and then discuss the most interesting things we learned. I also swim in the pool every morning. It helps me wake up and come to work full of energy.