B2B eCommerce Software

Envoy B2B is a wholesale content and eCommerce platform that understands that people are the most important part of your B2B. We put the focus on what matters most – your team. We’ve built Envoy B2B to empower your reps, build stronger relationships with your retailers, and give your brand the power to build a stronger, more successful wholesale channel. One destination for all. An order destination, digital catalog and rep enablement platform that supercharges wholesale teams to support their retailers and grow. Are you also in need of content to engage your retailers? Envoy B2B Studios brings modern go to market content production to your brand. We offer high volume product photography, 360° video spins, 3D scanning, custom/lifestyle photography, video capture/editing, interactive content creation, animation, and more.

B2B eCommerce Software

B2B eCommerce platforms enable businesses to process, manage and conduct orders and transactions for goods, products and services online. Compare the best B2B eCommerce software currently available using the table below.

Zoey helps B2B and wholesale businesses take orders online anytime, anywhere, with any device. Leverage a mobile app to capture orders, create sales quotes and look up product/pricing information on the go. Offer a self-service portal for your buyers to place orders on the web. Our seller feature set includes quote generation, customer groups, access restrictions, quick order capabilities, multi-theme support, mobile app and more. Our self-service buyer tools include reordering, order status and account maintenance. Zoey consists of three components: Zoey Web offers a self-service ordering option for your buyers, either as a public website or an internal order portal. Zoey App allows salespeople to sell remotely or in person. And Zoey Admin provides a web-based back-end to create and manage products, orders, customers and more.

Global Brands preferred B2B STORE

B2B Store CUSTOMERS pirelli



B2B Store CUSTOMERS penti

B2B Store CUSTOMERS sincanlı

B2B Store CUSTOMERS johnfrank

B2B Store CUSTOMERS kormetal

b2b software ender yapi

The one that will remain in the project in a 50 square meter shop 35 years ago, and which will continue on the land with a closed area of ​​10,000 square meters. Saygılı Rulman, which is among the retail supply providers in Turkey; It provides support and power supply to Turkey and the Central Asian Republic.

b2b pirelli b2b software

b2b software penti

b2b software Kumho

b2b software Eurobump

Eurobump was founded in 1990 to meet the significant demand for plastic bumper coming from the local market. Since 2002 and in recent years, our production of plastic bumpers, bumper grille, moulding and fenders has constantly adapted to the evolution of the European car market, rapidly changing.

b2b software John Frank b2b

John Frank brand, which has succeeded in adding a different atmosphere to the clothing industry since its establishment, has gained a solid place in the field of textile with its stylish and quality products.Thanks to its creative and aesthetic designs, the products of the brand, which appeals to people of all styles, are presented to the user with a wide range. John Frank uses B2B Store solutions for the B2B e-commerce.

b2b software neutron güvenlik

Kemetyl Group has quickly become one of the largest companies in its field in Europe with 250 employees in 13 countries, providing a turnover of 140 million € to 45 countries. After a series of acquisitions, it has grown into a truly complete, integrated and European comprehensive partner in the industry. Kemetyl Group has ERP integration for the B2B Store platform.

b2b software imsp

For b2b e-commerce, fıeld sales, e-payment, loyalty management and more



B2B Store E-Commerce Software

Open your online store with B2B Store E-Commerce which is easy to set up. B2B Store E-Commerce is a B2B software solution that offers a perfect online B2B shopping experience to your dealers and customers with fully ERP integration. With our B2B Store ordering platform, your customers must first login to a password protected portal to access your catalog. Once logged in, the platform recognizes customers and you will able to assign pricing types, discount rates, product allocations, campaigns etc. Also, ERP integration will help you to update all data such as customers, payments,stocks, products and catalogs. You can manage all ordering process by B2B Store and we can customize it according to your needs.


We have achieved an average cost reduction per order by 15% per year. By the B2B ecommerce platform, you will be able to conduct your business with less staff and also you will gain time for your sales&marketing strategies.

Email Software


Are you new to the email marketing game? Still, trying to build up your email list? MailChimp is probably going to be the best place for you to start. That said, there are a few MailChimp alternatives if you’re ready to level up your email marketing. They’ve been focused on helping new businesses get started in email marketing by offering a free plan and allowing you to:


Looking to invest in automation? ActiveCampaign may be the best bang for your buck. Their automation flow editor is one of the most user-friendly in the industry. Factor in their tag and CRM functionality and ActiveCampaign positions itself as an industry leader, helping you to:

Campaign Monitor:

Similar to MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor is an email marketing software that embraces its position as a user-friendly platform. It comes preloaded with a deep collection of templates for whatever the purpose of your campaign may be. Their core offerings are:


Although it isn’t one of the mainstream email platforms like ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact or MooSend, Campaigner still offers a handful of unique features to differentiate from the competition. Their primary value offering is the ability to send recurring emails on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom basis. They also allow B2B marketers to:


Similar to Campaigner, Mailigen isn’t necessarily one of the big names of the industry. That said, they do offer a clean, easy-to-use platform with all the core features you’d expect from an email marketing provider, with a focus on humanizing your email efforts. Their core features are:


Automizy is a breakthrough email marketing automation platform that makes you an open rate guru. The interface is intuitive and the feature set is designed to help you get the highest open rate and consequently increase revenue generated from email campaigns:

Social Media Management Software


Is one of the biggest social media management softwares in the marketing sphere. Not only does it make it easy to schedule posts, it also lets you quickly see which posts are actually doing the best and make reports based on the data.



Need some help organizing your social media feed and content calendar? CoSchedule is an up and coming site that beautifully filters and sorts your content, and makes it easy to add and shift content with drag and drop capabilities.


Additionally, you will gain insights into the behavior of your website visitors, such as time spent on your website and buyer consideration stage. It allows you to score these captured prospects, so you spend your time on those most likely to convert. Albacross allows you to:


Planable is a social media collaboration tool designed around one simple principle: ridding marketers of tedious tasks and allowing them to create content. It integrates perfectly with any online photo editor you might be using to edit your content already. Marketers rave about Planable for helping them to:

Plans scale up in four stages: Free, Basic, Pro, Enterprise and pricing is charged on a per user basis. Forget the olden days of copy-pasting from spreadsheets into publishing tools and save time with Planable.



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