Hello, my dear reader! This is Jeffrey writing to you to inform that I have started my own blog and cordially invite you to visit it and share your impressions… Too old-fashioned, right? That’s how my wife thought my blog would look like when I said I wanted to start it. She said I was too old and mature for such stuff and recommended to go mow the lawn. I was determined to prove a negative. I hope this blog doesn’t look like some ancient testimonies dug out from the mud and I failed to meet my wife`s expectations.

Let me introduce myself once again. I am Jeffrey, I am 40 years old and I work as a Geography teacher at middle school. I enjoy communicating with kids as they are the greatest source of inspiration and creativity. And I am also really into modern technologies and gadgets and try to get with the program. I realize that nowadays kids would always prefer learning something new using all the possible technologies for sitting humbly at the desk and reading a book. And I can fully relate to that.

So, I decided to combine technology and my knowledge and experience here in this blog. But I won`t write about benefits. I believe, they are quite obvious. I will tell you about the disadvantages of our constant development and attempts to move on and on. Specifically, I will write about global warming and its consequences now and in the future. The idea of this blog came to me at classes when my students needed to choose one of the global issues and makeup how it can be solved. Half of the class chose global warming and it made me think that there are more people interested in that than it seems at first glance. I worked on the problem when I used to be a student and now keep gathering information and post it here altogether with comments from experts in the sphere, interviews and so on.

I do hope you will enjoy reading this blog as well as I enjoy working on it!