10 Myths vs. Facts on Global Warming

Global warming is becoming a very discussed subject. Many people are afraid of the catastrophes it brings, while others don’t have enough knowledge about it.

A lot of people think that global warming means just that our planet will burn and turn into ash. So, there are a lot of misconceptions that surround this subject. Many think that global warming itself is a myth because they don’t “feel it”. They expect the climate to change and become hot, but that’s not how it manifests.

They say that the warming is inexistent considering the U.S. was hit by snow and winters become even colder. However, these weather changes are exactly the result of global warming. Here are some global warming myths vs. facts that people need to be aware of.

Myth: Global warming will not allow people to live on the planet anymore

Fact: Climate change has been happening for ages. There is no record of species that have disappeared over time. While nobody is able to predict the future, it’s unlikely that the earth will burn us alive.

Myth: Global warming is unreal

Fact: Whereas science isn’t always perfect, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the little information that is given. Do proper research and learn about what global warming means and what it brings. You can find out that it is indeed real and more people should be aware of it.

Myth: Global warming can be stopped

Fact: While people think that global warming can be stopped by political leaders, it’s not true. It’s quite impossible for people to do anything to stop it.

Myth: Seasons keep getting shorter

Fact: Many people think that seasons have changed and don’t have the same length that they used to have. However, research shows that seasons arrive at the same time as they have in the past, so nothing has changed.

Myth: Weather has become severe because of global warming

Fact: Storms are natural. It’s normal that they occur because they are part of the environment. No proof that global warming causes them has been shown.

Myth: The levels of the sea are rising

Fact: There are indeed sea levels rising. However, not every sea’s level is rising. According to research, only 0.2% of the sea level has increased in previous years.

Myth: If the ozone hole narrows, the global warming reduces

Fact: While many people believe this, there is actually no link between global warming and the ozone hole.

Myth: The amount of fresh water on the planet gets reduced

Fact: Actually, research shows the opposite. We can have more fresh water if ice caps continue to melt. This way, the water flowing into rivers and lakes is more abundant and provides more water that is safe to drink.

Myth: Earth has a higher temperature than ever before

Fact: Whereas the temperature does indeed get higher, there is no proof that it is going to roast us alive. Satellites, weather balloons, weather patterns and ground stations show cooling periods in the past 100 years. Apparently, this was to combat gradual warming fluctuations.

Myth: Global warming will cause the economic collapse of the world

Fact: Economic collapse has been a problem for many countries, but it had nothing to do with global warming. Therefore, there is no link between them.

Final Thoughts

Global warming is a real thing that affects our planet. However, many people don’t know a lot about it. Research should be conducted to find out the actual facts about global warming because the information that circulates on the Internet contains myths. Hopefully, this guide was helpful in this regard.

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