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Soybean, a Healthy Protein Diet.



“Meat” is what comes across to our mind when we think of protein. For a hundred years or maybe more - and sadly until today by some people - meat is believed to be the main source of protein.   With the awareness of global warming threads, the thought has significantly shifted; quite lots of people are willing to replace meat with plant base protein to fulfill their daily nutrition.

Chinese and almost other Asian people have been consuming Soy food for centuries which then proved can adequately fill the protein diet. Unfortunately - in western countries this protein-rich bean has been misused to feed the cattle instead of human. Cattle required lots of soybean to produce beef, causing lots of land to be cleared to grow the crops.  And these are just few facts :

A cow has to eat 7 lbs of grain and soy bean protein to produce 1 lb of meat protein. If the same land were to produce food for humans directly, 7 times more people could eat.

Imagine, how much we can save the land if we derive protein directly from the soybean instead of from beef. Also mind the fossil fuel energy we can save by that.

Protein from beef requires 40 times more fossil fuel energy than the same amount of protein derived from soybeans.

Unfortunately, the global demand of beef has been skyrocketing during the recent years, making larger destroy on the Amazon rainforest to feed the cows.

Soybean The Healthy Protein Diet.

If you are among those who still wondering that some people - in their concern to the global warming - are reluctant to mostly have tofu topped with ketchup for their diet, than you are far behind.  Today soybean is not just tofu and ketchup. In fact, since thousand years ago the Asian people have been consuming soybean in various kinds of soybean products. Tofu and ketchup is just 2 products of soybean that Chinese has brought to the world; there are plenty more of food based on soybean.  Indonesian has been consuming Tempeh since unknown century. Japanese, Korean and many other countries have their own fares of soybean. Today, soybean has been developed into every kind of food products you can name: soy bread, soy cereals, soy biscuit, soy flakes, soy noodle, soy pasta, soy soup, soy flour, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy ice cream even soy sausage, soy ham and soy bacon ..  Yes, sausage, ham and bacon, who says they are to be of meat?

Soybean as protein diet is healthier than meat, especially red meat.  Healthier for the environment and healthier for your body. It is healthier for the environment because soybean plantation makes much lower pollution and emission than do the cattle rearing or poultry.  It does not either request so much energy that causes high emission in storing the soy food like   meat products does.

American feed (for livestock) takes so much energy to grow that it might as well be a petroleum byproduct.” (Worldwatch Institute)

Soy food is healthier to your body because although soybean is rich with protein,  it is low in saturated fat and is free of cholesterol, that makes soy protein helps for lower cholesterol levels, and with containing Omega 3 and 6, soybean has even more benefits for cardiovascular health. Soybean is also rich with fiber that, not only it controls the blood pressure; it also prevents colon cancer and reduces several digestive disorders, while on the opposite, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity are closely linked to increased meat consumption.  Start

Not just only rich with unsaturated protein, soybean also contains with carbohydrate and fat, making  all three of the macro-nutrients required for good nutrition:  and it also provide vitamins and minerals, including calcium, folic acid, isoflavone and iron. Isoflavone intake is reported to have link with higher bone mineral density and medical data confirms that a daily intake of 80 mg isoflavones can provide skeletal benefits.

I hate to be sound like preaching about soybean, yet I have to inform you that the Joint Health Claims Initiative stated that consuming at least 25g of soya protein a day as part of a diet low in saturated fat can help to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Unlike meat, soy food are good protein source without saturated fat, and cholesterol. Therefore it is worth to be considered as one of your of protein sources.

Interested to try this protein diet ? Here are some soy food products worth to try.

tofu-pudding You will be amazed to know the nutrition values of :

* Tempeh