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Organic Coffee Labels

Description of Organic Coffee Labels.

Organic coffee is a kind of coffee that grown and processed in a way of caring the environment, health and the welfare of the coffee farmers and workers. All the process of producing organic coffee is tightly supervised by several organic coffee certification bodies. Biologist said that sustainable farming method implemented on the organic coffee plantation can protect environment and serve as wildlife corridors, while on the other hand, conventional coffee farming causes deforestation, endanger many species of habitats, lost biodiversity, unfairly reimbursed farmers, pesticide pollution and eco-system damage. To learn more about what organic coffee is benefit for, here is a brief review on some common certification :


USDA certified for Organic Coffee :

· Farmers emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality.

· Coffee beans are certified to be :

o Cultivated without using synthetic fertilizer or persistent pesticides.

o Produced without genetic engineering or ionizing radiation.

o Processed and handled separately from conventional coffee.

fair-trade-certification1Trade Fair Certificate - guarantees that organic coffee should be:

· Maintaining the welfares by verifying fair prices for the farmers for their harvest and fair wages for the workers.

· Environmental sustainability: protect the land and wildlife habitat by intercropping plant species to improve soil fertility and protect against erosion, and managing the water conservation, proper waste disposal and prohibitions on planting.

· Managing direct trade: Importers purchase from Fair Trade producer groups as directly as possible.


Bird-friendly Certificate, ensuring that organic coffee is s:

· Cultivated under conditions that support healthy bird habitats.

· Grown under a tree canopy with a minimum of 40 percent shade.

· Organically farmed, according to USDA organic standards.


Rainforest Alliance Certificate certifies that:

· Organic Coffee are grown using integrated pest management systems that limit the use of agrochemicals.

· Use of water and soil, and wildlife-habitat conservation are strictly implemented in conservation measures.

· Salaries and benefits for farmers and workers are equal to or greater than the legal minimum wage of their countries.

Perhaps for some of us consuming organic coffee are not a proper choice in this time due to its higher price, but considering the health benefits we can invest, plus the environment and habitats we can save, the extra cost will be worth for.