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Newspaper, a Giant Behind Deforestation


coffee-and-newspapers1What is more pleasing than having a cup of coffee and newspapers in the morning ? News addict seems to have silently changed our way of living. We turn on our TV or grab our newspapers once we get up in the morning before we even yearn for our morning coffee or breakfast. Some people don’t really feel having breakfast without egg, or some without bacon, or without bread, but most of us don’t really feel having breakfast without reading newspapers. We read newspapers while having breakfast; not the opposite. Silently, the call for hunting news has become as strong as hunting food. People are chasing news like it was the main need for survival The newspapers industry has then incredibly developed, and sadly, causing millions of acres of forest are cut each year  for the newsprint. The last remaining old-growth forests in northern Canada, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Siberia, and other areas are now being logged for pulp wood as well as plantation. In US, an estimated 5 million acres of forests in the southeastern, the world’s largest pulp producing region. are logged for paper each year, while once the country (an area the size of New Jersey).


It's my home !

It's my home !


Americans throw away the equivalent of more than 30 million trees in newsprint each year



In 2006, US newspaper consumed 9.6 million tons of newsprint, although 35 percent of the paper contained recycled wood fiber, the remaining 65 percent (6.2 million tons ) is sourced from ecologically important forest in the US and Canada..



Other fact  


Production of newsprint derives rampant deforestation. Such deforestation is surely  one of the major  grounds of global warming that enchance the climate change while also endanger the subsistence forest habitants, covering many key species like birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, fish and insects.


New research in carbon accounting is showing that annually the paper industry, when accounting for forest carbon loss, emits nearly 750 million tons of C02 equivalent – almost 10% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. This is equivalent to the annual emissions of over 136 million cars !  In addition to that, the paper industry also contributes extensive environmental damage due to the chemical use. Paper manufacturing is the 3rd largest user of fossil fuels worldwide and is the fourth highest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in the US.


Recycling papers :


Forty five percent of all paper used in the United States is recycled. Recycling 54 KG of newspaper will save one tree. Canada uses 6 million tons of paper and paperboard annually, but only 25% are recycled.


What you can do.


Reading conventional newspapers encourage deforestation, which is one of the main causes of global warming. You can take a role in trimming down the deforestation by deflating the production of  paper pulp or newsprint by : 

  • Changing your habit of reading conventional ( printed ) newspapers to on-line newspapers. Reading a year’s worth of newspapers on your computer saves 520 pounds of paper, or about three trees per year.
  • Purchasing an e-reader, because books, magazine etc, also consume huge amount of paper pulp.
  • Recycling newspapers / recycling any kind papers. Doing the above steps not only save our environment, but also save your money.


Doing the above steps not only will save our environment from further destroy, but also save your money - by just clicking your finger, you can access many newspaper sources. There are lots of local and international online newspapers on your finger tip without extra cost, and guess what, reading on-line newspapers needs only one hand  instead of 2 hands with conventional newspapers. So you can zip your coffee while reading !