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Ebook and Deforestation Fight.


Every time your hand grab a book from a bookstore’s shelf, try to remember this : more than 30 million  trees are cut down annually to produce the books sold in the U.S. (1) and the book industry in the U.S. consumes more than 1.5 million metric tons of paper each year (2).  Take off your hand from the book shelf, and consider having ebook instead to combat the global warming effects.

The annual number of books produced is the U.S. in 2006 is 4.15 billion and   R.R. Bowker, the publisher of the Books in Print database and the official agency for assigning ISBNs in the United States, revealed statistics  which showed that the number of new titles published in the United States in  291,920(3).. Taking the comparison of above statistic, can you imagine how much paper pulp needed for the world’s  book production that reaches  1,2 billion new titles annually ?  And how many millions trees are to chopped down ?

Although it is reported that recovered papers accounts to some 50% in the U.S., the  percentage of recycled paper currently used to produce books accounts only 5% - 10%. That means averagely more than 90% papers used in book comes from virgin pulp paper. Traditional book publishing has undoubtedly shows its relation to the rampant deforestation that occurs until today. Compare that with the production of ebook, which  requires no water, no paper pulp, no chemical waste, and no industrial pollution, no greenhouse gases, and with using just much less amount of fuel. Therefore changing our reading habits  to ebooks should be promptly done to save our planet.

If the U.S. reduced its paper consumption by 10 percent annually, we could save enough energy to power 228,000 homes, the carbon emissions equivalent to removing 279,000 cars from the road and 11 billion gallons of water.

The Environmental Paper Network


What you can fight with ebook:

 Ebook Fights The Greenhouse Gas. The United Nation estimated that  deforestation accounts for up to 25 per cent of global emissions of heat-trapping gases(4), while new research in carbon accounting is showing that the paper industry, when accounting for forest carbon loss, emits nearly 750 million tons of CO2 equivalent annually - nearly 10% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. This is equivalent to the annual emissions of over 136 million cars.  Now how much is exactly the book industry’s carbon footprint?  Taking the 2006 book publication figures, the paper consumed for the production of books reached 1.6 million metric tons which is the main responsible for the industry’s carbon footprint of 12.4 million metric tons,  making one book is responsible for  8.85 lbs of carbon dioxide.  Changing a traditional book to ebook will eliminate all the above emission!

Ebook Fights the Extinction of Animal and Plant Species and Protect Indigenous People.

Except from U.S .forests, report shows that the sources of paper used for the U.S. book industry are worldwide, Canada, Asia, Europe, South America. Tropical Rainforest - where most logging taking place - is home for millions of indigenous people, 50% - 90% of all organisms, 90% of our relatives, the primates, and 50 million creatures that can live no place but the rich rainforests (World Rainforest Movement 16).  50,000 species of plants and animals become extinct every year due to deforestation. The Sumatran tiger seen on the left is amongst the list of endangered animals due to deforestation. We might be loosing this species if deforestation remains unreduced. Getting rid of traditional books and changing them to ebooks will surely help their survival on our Earth.

 So if one of your hobbies is reading, then you can join the above fights through online books :   

    Buy ebook- reader such like the Kindle, instead printed book. You can access thousands of electronics books, newspaper and magazines from just 1 book-reader - think about the many trees, people, lots of plant and animal species you can save by that.

  • Change to ebook instead of printed book. There are lots of ebook you can find on-line, ebook download are easily accessible. Find ebooks in almost subjects or interests here.

You might be interested to read more about the grim picture of deforestation.

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