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Impacts of Global warming we already endured.



Global warming is not just an alarming issue; the impacts are already being felt.  Nature has sent its signs:

The Average Global Temperature is rapidly increasing:


The most impact of global warming we already felt is raising temperature. Extreme droughts and heat waves already occurred in many parts of the world.  One exceptional sign of this increasing temperature phenomenon is the heat wave occurred during 2003 in Europe, which took approximately 35,000 lives.


Sea ice and glaciers melted:

Hotter temperature has caused sea ice and glaciers in some part of the world substantially melted. Water Crisis already occures in many countries.  As result of the global warming impact, in the summer of 2007, the ice in the Arctic receded further than any of the climate models had predicted.

Since the end of the 19th century, the total surface area of global glaciers has decreased by 50%, and today,  glacier losses have been increasing in the Andes, Alps, Pyrenees, Himalayas, Rocky Mountains and North Cascades. In 2005 the 11,000 year old snow cap covering Mt. Kilimanjaro has practically disappeared.

Sea level rises:

The melted ice is one of the factors that cause flooding in wet areas and coastal regions.  The increasing sea level has even polluted the ground fresh water with salt water, putting the severe water conservation in a more critical condition.   


Unpredictable seasons, hurricane and storms:

Other impacts of the global warming are unpredictable seasons and  more frequent natural disasters such as hurricane, storms, and flooding with bigger intensity that occurred in many countries.


Disease spreading:

Warmer temperature has encouraged hospitable habitat for ticks and rodents.

Mosquitoes that carry malaria were found at never-before-seen elevations on Mount Kenya in 2006.  While there were outbreaks of dengue fever in Philippines, Indonesia and Puerto Rico.


Those are among the global warming impacts that we have got, and The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated the global warming is unstoppable and will lead us to further dreadful effects should we fail to lessen the emission.

As I end this article, it struck me that you might be curious to learn how terrible will the global warming really affect our planet and our lives in the – not so long – future.