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Green driving, a Way to Cut Your Fuel Budget plus Saving the Environment !


Green Driving

Green Driving

When driving, are  you aware of  this : you save money when you pollute less. Yes,  the more emission you contribute, the more money you will pay. Car emission, which mainly contains carbon dioxide or CO2  is caused by gasoline burning. The more your car consume fuel the more it  emits CO2. If you are tired of paying much on gas and deeply concern about the environment impact,  then green driving or smart driving, some people call,  is the way to go. 

1 liter gasoline will emit 2.3 kg CO2. Driving your car to a distance of 6.5 km will burden 1 kg CO2 emission on the air



Green driving comprises 2 major factors: green driver and green car. To fully achieved the best expected result, you should attend to both aspects.

Here are some tips and guides on green driving, which will guide you to become a good green driver, while save  a good deal of money on fuel expense and car maintenance and  keep the environment better  at the same time !

Green Driving Practice    :


Accelerate smoothly, the #1 rule of a green driving is to avoid “jack rabbit” starts and aggressive driving. Speeding, hard acceleration and sudden braking will cause a lot of detriments:  not only they waste gas, but also drastically raise pollution level and lower your gas mileage up to 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent around town. Sensible driving is also safer for you and others. So by performing this point of green driving, you will  save people, gas and environment.


Do not idle the car. It takes much more energy to move a stopped vehicle than to keep it moving or restart the engine. Unless at red lights, never stop your car more than 10 seconds as it will consume more gas  and produce more pollution than just simply restart the engine.  Also remember that idling still consumes gas, while your car is going nowhere, it simply means that you are wasting your gas. Skip the drive-thru window and park your car instead because this will save a significant amount of gas while keeping your car  from producing unnecessary emission.


Keep a steady speed.  A steady driving on proper speed can often keep drivers from red lights which cause idling the car. Follow the speed limit, so you will both safe your fuel economy and lessen the pollution; this is the point of green driving – save money and environment. Maintaining the speed limit and not exceeding the legally allowed speed ( 60 mph) can increase mileage by 7 up to 23 %, while on the other hand exceeding the speed limit by 5 mph causes 6%  loss on average fuel economy.

Operate the highest gear where possible. Running the car in a higher gear will make the engine pace  goes down, letting the  rpm decrease,  saving the fuel consumption and  engine wear while reducing the emission.


Drive efficiently.

Green driving also means driving efficiently, so here is some tips for efficient driving :


Use of Air condition.  Turning off the air conditioner and opening windows when driving at less 40 mph. will safe energy of  both car and air conditioner, but at higher speed doing it will spends more fuel than the air conditioner does. 


Load off your car.  Excess weight will drive the engine work harder that makes it consume more fuel. Remove as much unnecessary stuff from your car. If you can minimize the drag, then you can increase the mileage. Luggage should be put inside instead on the top or trunk.


Drive Less. So you can cut  fuel cost and CO2 emission.

Share rides for work, shopping, taking your kids to school, etc.  Shopping together with friends  or taking your kids to school together with their classmates could be fun.  Also use as often public transportation as you can. Combining several short trips into one driving  is another  good way of reducing  fuel use and car emission.


On an average day the 140 million cars in America are estimated to travel almost 4 billion miles, and according to the US Department of Transportation, they use over 200 million gallons of gasoline doing it.



Avoid rush hours when possible. Except tiring, driving in rush hours will cause you idle the car often, while  start-ups and stop-and-go traffic will as well cost extra fuel and emission.



Above article is a guide of becoming a green driver.  As green driving saves gasoline, it means lessen the pollutant too, thus a benefits for human health.  You can even achieve a higher fuel economy with a smart car.  At this view, I was thinking that you might be  interested in my articles on green car, where you can read reviews of hybrid car and  buying guides of hybrid car.