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Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee, an Eco friendly coffee.

a cup of coffeeCoffee has been so adorable, that once the utterly French statesman Charles Maurice de Talleyrand (1754-1838) admired a good coffee to be “Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.” Well blended good coffee with one or two cubes of sugar will make it, but how much love is there really in your cup of coffee?

With more people being aware of the essentiality of environment protection, many turn to organic coffee, or some call it as eco-friendly coffee or sustainable coffee, as to put love on their cup of coffee. Organic coffee is sourced from coffee plantation managed with environmental sustainability.

You might be wondering how far organic coffee takes role in the environment protection. Well, ever since Kivan Han, the world’s first coffee shopped opened in Turkey in 1445, similar coffee shops has flourished everywhere in the world, that nowadays, 534 years later, 1.5 billion cups of coffee is served everyday ! But this is not the shocking news.

Behind a cup of coffee, there are 140 liters of water that was required to grow, harvest, package and ship it to you.”
Professor John Anthony Allan of the University of London in Britain, who won The Stockholm Water Prize, often considered the ‘Nobel Prize” of the environmental sciences.

That is it.
The high global demand of coffee has been triggering expansion in coffee plantation. Colossal land clearing is set off in some countries in Asia and South America to develop the coffee farming, destroying the tropical forest and rainforest.

Mind also other facts behind your cup of coffee:

  • On conventional coffee plantation, the land are cut clearing, this makes a direct sun plantation which requires much more fresh water to cultivate the coffee. Cutting the shade trees will also destroy the habitat of birds and other animals, some species are even almost vanished.
  • Chemical that is pumped through pesticides and fertilizer which not only give bad impact to your health, but also to the farmers’ and workers’ plus, again, the birds’ and other species on the plantation
  • Environment damages due to cut clearing land and persistent application of chemicals on the fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Water waste.

Feel uncomfortable with those facts, but can’t imagine living without coffee? Well, if the case is so then organic coffee may help. A cup of Java should soothe us, not the contrary. If it does make you feel even more uncomfortable knowing that some people- coffee farmers and workers – are shop sweating for this soothing habit, then again, it is high time to look for organic coffee :

If your coffee is free from chemical pump that risk your family’s and your heath, and is not chasing away the song birds to extinction, then you can say that there is love in your cup of coffee.
For your further reference, learn about what each labels / certification on the organic coffee. You can even further help your planet by practicing a green way on coffee drinking to further help the environment.

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