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7 Basic Ingredients for Eco Friendly Cleaners.


7 Basic Ingredients for Eco Friendly Cleaners.

When making your homemade natural cleaners, you will mostly need these 7 basic ingredients for eco friendly cleaners:

Baking Soda. (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Baking soda is the most common substance used in homemade cleaners. It is a naturally occurring earth mineral which contains slight alkaline that neutralizes acids and dissolves proteins. This makes baking soda a tenderizer, deodorizer and a leaven. Baking soda also balances the pH level of water; maximize the work of detergent in laundry. Being non-irritating, having multi-use and cheap, makes this substance ideal for eco friendly cleaning products.

Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate)

Washing Soda is a salt of carbonic acid; one of the major sources of this material is the ashes of plants, so it is also named soda ash. This substance does not just act as cleaning agent, but also removes grease and some stains and softens water. There are no toxic effects of washing soda.

Borax (Sodium Borate)

Borax is a composition of sodium, boron, oxygen and water. The difference between borax and the other natural cleaning substances is it is not just a cleaning agent, but also a disinfectant and flux. When dissolved to water, it also acts as water softener and a mild antiseptic.

Natural Soap.

Eco cleaners’ recipes tend to use natural soap instead of synthetics soap as to avoid synthetic substances made of hazardous chemical compounds. Natural soaps are simply whole oils/fats combined with alkali. Soap is often used in eco cleaning recipes in order to breaks the water’s surface tension so that dirt can be easily lifted. Soap also thaws grease and oil and contains mild disinfectant.

White Vinegar.

There are many kinds of vinegar, depends on the sources, but for cleaning purpose, white vinegar is the best, as it has anti-bacterial properties that can kill bacteria, mold and mildew. This kind of vinegar is commonly made by combining water with acetic acid. White vinegar is not harmful, and usually can be combined with other ingredients for eco cleaning purpose, however do not use vinegar with bleach together, as it will turn toxic.


Due to its acid level lemon juice can substitute the use of vinegar in some cleaning purposes. It can be used to dissolve grease, oil, mineral deposits and soap scum while also contain cleaning and brightening agent, even to brass and copper. Lemon or orange peel can also be used as fresheners and it also act as natural ant repellent.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are aromatic oils that extracted from various plants, fruits, flowers and fresh herbal ingredients. The main role of essential oils in homemade cleaners is to substitute the synthetic fragrance which is hazardous.

So by now you have learned the basic ingredients and its characteristics before making your homemade cleaners. Those ingredients are non-toxic, and do not cause any harmful air pollution or emission. Homemade cleaners are eco cleaners that are safe for your family and pets.


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