butterfly2-150x150About. The hotter temperature, the instable climate, the natural disasters and the strange nature signs that frequently happened lately has pushed me to know deeper about Global Warming. I do not really care about the Global Warming issues by then, but in my searching information in the internet I found too many interesting, sometimes scary, facts about Global Warming, too precious to be kept alone. So I made this bog in mean to share with everybody who loves our Earth. An eco friendly living guide.J Read more.









Deforestation :  50,000 species of plants and animals become extinct every year due to deforestation, while it also contributes  25 - 30 percent of the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. The world has been shocked with the facts; still, by the time you’ve finished reading this, 74 acres of rainforests and their millions of inhabitants, have been bulldozed. Learn the grim facts about deforestation and how you can fight it from your home with some simple eco friendly ways.




Water Crisis: Freshwater represents only about 3%  of all water on Earth, and  only 1/3 of it  is accessible for use, making life on Earth survives on what is essentially only a “drop in the bucket” of Earth’s total water supply!  We have to share this tiny portion with plant and animal species that exist on Earth; yet millions of gallon of fresh water are flushed to the toilet everyday. Read more water facts and how you can  help preventing the water crisis from your home.



plant-base-protein-foodFood that holds back the global warming.

Production of some food can accelerate the global warming effects, on the other hand, some other food can hold it back. Your choice of eco friendly food and eating habits can make a big different. So instead of googling something like 'can i pay someone to write my essay' better think about changing your eating habits to an eco friendly way. It can save both our planet and your health. It’s effortless,  cheaper and healthier to your body. . Learn more.






Human- made Emission

Emission generated to fulfill the need (and pleasures) of our daily life is the main contribution to the greenhouse gas. The biggest emission is generated from our cars. Learn how hazardous  it  can be to our environment and our health and find an eco friendly way to minimize the emission.




mother-in-laws-tongue1Eco Friendly Indoor Pollution Remover  : Your home may hide a silent killer, air pollution.  50% of all illness- from headache to cancer-  is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air. The sources of these lethal pollutants are often simple : picture, building materials. couch, lamps, refrigerator, smoking generate indoor air pollutant. Based on NASA research, some  plants can be used as eco friendly air pollution cleaner. Learn what they are and how to grow them.