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Solar Water Heater.

Why using solar water heater .

In the United States, a person tossed approximately 4 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents (almost 9,000 pounds) per year just from the activities on his home. Nationally, this household emission generates about 17% of total U.S. emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA), the average household CO2 emissions from electricity are approximately 7.4 metric tons per year (about 16,290 lbs).

Electricity used in our homes are usually produced from combustion of coal and other fossil fuels, which creates pollution and emission that threatening our health and our planet. Lots of efforts and campaigns have then been made to minimize the use of electricity in our homes, in dreams to get a cleaner air, cleaner water, healthier planet, but:

The U.S. Energy Information Administration revealed that total U.S. residential energy consumption is projected to increase by 17 percent from 1995 - 2015

There are lots simple things we can do from our home to cut our electricity consumption. Applying an eco friendly water heater like solar water heater is one great way to do that.   A study reveals that home appliances such as heating and cooling equipment and water heaters consume up to 90% of all energy used from the U.S. residential sector.  Another research finds out that an electric water heater uses about 25% of home energy. Another study says that solar water heater is also considered to be the largest potential savings, with solar water heater owners can potentially save 50% to 85% yearly on their utility bills over the cost of electric water heating.

Benefits of Solar Water Heater:

Supporting Clean EnvironmentSolar is a clean energy. Powered by such energy, solar water heater does not trigger any emission, nor pollution, like do the other similar products - electric or gas powered. Therefore solar water heater is the most eco friendly   water heater.  Although due to the solar energy availability it is always advised to have a back up water heater, you will anyway lessen your carbon footprint anytime you use your water heater.

Good investment: Depends on the hot water consumptions in your home, your solar water heater can save you some $ 500.00 a year on energy bill. Although the initial cost - such as components and installation- is more expensive than buying conventional water heater, investment of solar water heater will generally payback after a period of 2 - 4 years. Once you have a solar water heater installed in your home, you will be enjoying hot water that will not charge you any energy cost. By using solar water heater, you may also qualify a federal income tax credit.

Things to consider before installing solar water heater:

Determine the water heater capacity you need :  Size the maximum use  of hot  water in your home    You can estimate this by accounting the number in your family, the pattern of your water use and  the appliances in your home that use hot water.  For your reference, an average clothes washer request approximately  17-25 gallons per load,  Automatic dish washer needs 7-15 gallons per load, shower will runs 2.5 gallons per minute, etc.  Calculate all your needs of hot water in one day to determine appropriate capacity of solar water heater you need.

Determine the available solar energy at your location to find appropriate type or capacity of solar water heater that should be used in your area.  Have a professional to check out this.

Check the local building regulations. Before installing the solar water heater system, it is worthwhile to know the regulations or limitations regarding the installing and positioning of the water heater systems to avoid any costly re-installation.

The U.S. Department of Energy reported that in 1998, carbon emissions in North America reached 1,760 metric tons, increasing by 38 percent since 1970. They are expected to grow another 31 percent, to 2,314 million metric tons by the year 2020. According to mechanical engineers at the University of Wisconsin’s Solar Energy Laboratory, an average four-person household with an electric water heater needs about 6,400 kilowatt hours of electricity per year to heat their water. So installing one unit solar water heater in our home will help the environment.

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As said above, water heating might consume up to 25% of your home energy. Installing one that uses free energy could make a good investment. Here are some choices for your consideration :

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