A Chance to Live

The hotter temperature, the instable climate, the natural disasters and the strange nature signs that frequently happened lately has pushed me to know deeper about Global Warming. I do not really care about the Global Warming issues by then, but in my searching information in the internet I found too many interesting, sometimes scary, facts about Global Warming, too precious to be kept alone. So I made this bog in mean to share with everybody who loves our Earth.  J 

Energy and fuel consumption are other major factors of Global warming. On average, 16 million tons of CO2 is tossed to the atmosphere at every 24 hours by human use worldwide, adding significant greenhouse gases that enhance the global warming effects.

Many times during my searching information, I was driven to the fact that deforestation in many countries, is also a leading cause of global warming.  Forests four times the size of Switzerland are lost each year because of clearing and degradation, rainforests are being cut down at the rate of 100 acres per minute. This terrible deforestation and its effect to Global Warming, has also sent many species, both animal and plant, to the endangered condition. Many of them are even already extinct due to that. 

Lots of campaign, protest and action are summoned worldwide to stop these global warming causes.  But behind all these factors, energy and fuel consumption and deforestation, there lays our needs – often excessively filled - that encourage them to happen. Our vast consumption of the natural sources is the biggest force behind all these.  In other words, we, including me, have unconsciously    pushed something we are trying to stop. L

In my further searching of the information, I found an interesting fact about America. Though accounting for only 5 percent of the world’s population, Americans consume 26 percent of the world’s energy or about 15 times more energy per person than does the typical developing country, use 25% of the world’s paper products, consume almost 25% the world beef, emits 23 percent of energy-related carbon emissions worldwide and generate 40% of the world’s waste, including 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups they throw away every year that enough to circle the earth 436 times and


I dedicate this bog to those who love our planet – especially to the American people   J -   and hope that this small contribution can help reducing the global warming effects that makes our planet a better home, not just for human, but also to all species on it – animal and plant.


One Earth, One Family.

Sandra Ariskan.