Steps to Minimize the Office’s Electricity Consumption

Most Noticeable Steps To Minimize Office’s Electricity Consumption

Today, in this modern, digital era, we need the support of electricity to do most every single work in office. Whether it is to have your office cleaned or to have your contracts ready, all request the supply of electricity J This causes the office’s electricity consumption – as well the tossed carbon emission – become larger. Steps to minimize the office’s electricity consumption should be taken widely.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reveals that of all commercial buildings, office buildings have the highest electricity intensity ( 18.9 kWh per square foot).

You know, you can help protecting our environment even when you are working in the office. Here are some big steps to minimize the office’s electricity consumption  :

  1. Exploit sunlight for your office lighting. Take advantage of the day light by installing windows and skylights, use the sunlight to build a solar panel to power your office’s electricity.
  2. Energy-saving lighting : Use only LED bulb or CFL for the lighting. Where possible, apply solar lamp. You will immediately make a great energy reduction by doing this. Designing your office that enable day lighting is also a great way to save electricity consumption.
  3. Energy-Saving office equipments: Use Energy Star labeled products for your office equipments like computers, monitors, fax, copier etc. Products verified under Energy Star use much lower energy.
  4. Eco Friendly Energy : Get your office powered with eco friendly energy, such like solar energy or renewable energy.
  5. Efficient Use of Electricity : this refers to the habit of office occupant.
  • Always unplug all the office equipments when you leave the office. Electric equipments still consume a small amount of electricity when they are turned off but still plugged in.
  • Set computers, copiers and other machines into stand by / sleep/ suspend mode during office hours. Those equipments attempt to cut power to all unneeded parts of the machine, thus saving lot of energy.
  • Adjust your thermostat: Setting even one degree higher can make a significant difference in the electric consumption

Nearly 4.9 million office buildings existed in 2003 in the U.S, and according to the US Department of Commerce, every year, approximately 170,000 commercial buildings are constructed, and nearly 44,000 commercial buildings demolished, that means the number grows by some 130,000 each year. If all of them takes those steps to minimize the office’s electricity consumption  and can save just 10% of electricity used , it will greatly support the environmental protection.

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