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Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper.

Wrapping a gift is like putting clothes on our bodies. The more fashionable our clothes are the more attractive we will look. So are with gifts.  The first impression of a gift comes from the gift wrap, not the gift itself. The more you craft the wrap, the more impressive - and unforgettable your gift will be. And that’s just what’s expected from a gift giving.  No wonder then most of us are willing to spend extra money to buy beautiful wrapping papers and wrapping accessories, like ribbons and artificial flowers.

For Christmas, people in UK even use about 83 Km2 of wrapping paper with around 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging. Americans use half of their annual 85 million tons of paper products for packaging, wrapping and decorating goods (The Recycler’s Handbook), with the wrapping paper industry alone accounts for U$. 2.6 billion per year.

Wrapping paper and shopping bag alone account for about 4 million tons of trash annually in the US.

(Use Less Stuff)

As a paper product, wrapping paper certainly adds the number of trees cut, but the environmental harm does not just stop here as paper pulp is not the only material used to produce it. Mostly added with non-paper additives like gold, silver or bronze coloring, glitter and plastic, then dyed and laminated, often make this  wrapping  paper become non-recyclable.

Christmas is on its way to the door, and if you are preparing Christmas gifts for your loved ones, here are some tips you can help reducing the harmful environment impacts of the paper wrapping:

1.   Avoid using new wrapping paper:

  • Used wrapping paper, old greeting cards or any unusual paper can make an artistic gift wrapping,  don’t throw away you old or worn Christmas ornaments, because you can use them to decorate your gift wrapping.
  • Use reusable gift bags, paper bags, usable cloth, basket etc. instead of paper wrapping.
  • Try to choose gifts that don’t need to be wrapped, such as plants, tree, tickets to an event (musical, sport, concert, etc.), voucher to a spa, holidays etc.

2.   If you really need  to buy paper wrapping then pick products made of recycled paper.

One more thing: using tape will make the wrap paper hard to recycle.  Use string and ribbon instead.

If you wish to make your gift really green, then you should also pick eco friendly gifts, and use eco friendly  Christmas cards.

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