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Eco Friendly Office.

Guides to create an Eco Friendly Office

Eco Friendly Office

Eco Friendly Office

Eco friendly office style is on trend today. Many of us spend most of our day in office, no wonder we generate as much carbon emission from our office as from our home. We operate office equipments that consume significant energy, and in addition, we use lots of paper while working there. This make the harshness we throw out from our office to the environment even more severe.

Office paper is the most heavily recovered segment of printing and writing paper

(which also includes book and magazine paper, junk mail, brochures, etc.).

Source: Waste Age, “Profiles in Garbage,” November 2001

Mind that paper industry is the 4th largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions among United States manufacturing industries. Surely, there are lots other ecological impacts generated from our office, like using the Earth’s precious conservation, water and energy. We do as well generating emission, pollution and contamination while doing our activities at our office.

Making your work space to an eco friendly office would help minimizing the above impacts. Here are 6 major eco friendly office guides and the reasons why you should implement them in your office:

Minimize the use of energy.

72% U.S. electricity consumption in 2006 was spent through buildings, with 49% accounted for commercial building usage. This amount will increase to 75% by 2025. Attempts of reducing the consumption of energy in the office can be done in some smart ways. Not just without impeding your work, these smart energy efficiency tips will reduce the monthly office cost.

Use papers smartly.

According to American Forest & Paper Association, in their survey in 2004, Americans discard 4 million tons of office paper every year, enough to build a 12-foot high wall of paper from New York to California! Using paper efficiently on office will surely minimizing the deforestation where the paper come from and reduce the pollution caused ! Learn smart tips on reducing the use of papers in office.

Save Water.

U.S Geological Survey in 1995 revealed that building occupants use 13% of the total water consumed in the U.S. per day, 0f that total, 25.6 % is consumed by commercial building occupants. Today, an average American uses 100 gallons of water each day, enough to fulfill 1,600 drinking glasses. Saving water use in the office will help halting further water crisis problems we are facing.Learn how to save water in the office.

Design your office as much eco friendly as possible.

Having a working space designed or decorated as eco friendly office can reduce the consumption of energy and water, and minimize the air pollution too. Some environmental consideration should taken into account when designing an eco friendly office.

Lunch / coffee

Lunch and coffee during office hours also contribute huge role in global warming. This is related to your lunch and coffee drinking habitual, which by some small changes, you can contribute a great change for our environment.

Transportation .

Transportation to and from work consumes lots of fuel and throws huge amount of carbon to the air. Do some tricks to get and leave your office, this will also shorten your carbon foot print !

Taking action on those prominent guidelines for eco friendly office will positively contribute environment protection!

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