Eco Friendly Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

The Eco Friendly Christmas Tree.

Christmas is coming, lots of people are excitedly welcome it and  you can already feel the festive atmosphere everywhere. We are busy preparing Christmas ornaments,  Christmas Lights,  Christmas cards, Christmas songs, Christmas gifts and of course,  Christmas tree.

There are approximately 25-30 million real Christmas trees sold in the U.S. every year.

National Christmas Tree Association.

Those trees should have absorbed massive amount of carbon dioxide if not chopped down. So what now?  No, don’t be upset, I’m not suggesting you to celebrate Christmas without Christmas tree, as for many people it will like losing the Christmas spirit without having a Christmas tree. There are always good news come along with Christmas, and in this case, the good news come from the American Forest and National Christmas Tree Association:

  • Almost all of the trees sold at seasonal Christmas-tree lots are grown on tree farms,  choosing a cut tree will not harm the forest.
  • For every Christmas tree harvested, 1 to 3 seedlings are planted the following spring.

What about artificial Christmas tree ?

Those facts might bring back your Christmas joy, but what about using artificial Christmas tree ?  Which one is most eco friendly ?

You might be considering that once buying an artificial Christmas tree you can use it for all Christmas within you life time; but the problem is, it will also last for centuries in a landfill. Artificial Christmas tree is made from plastics and metals and therefore it is non-biodegradable.

Discharging Real Christmas Tree.

So having real Christmas tree seems to be more eco friendly than having artificial Christmas tree, yet there are still some points to take care in discharging the used tree :

  • You should not burn your Christmas tree in the fireplace or wood stove. Firs, Pines and other evergreen trees contain high flammable turpentine oils that might contribute to creosote buildup.
  • Make as much compost from your Christmas tree.
  • Sink it in a pond.  If you are sure that your Christmas tree is chemical- free , then you can do this to develop  a fish habitat.
  • Send your used real Christmas tree to a Christmas tree recycling programs. US has more than 4.000 programs for this, one of them is 911 tree disposal.

Potted Christmas Tree :

So  now you feel that real Christmas is more eco friendly than his artificial cousin, but somehow you feel discharging a Christmas tree is troublesome.  Why not think of buying a potted Christmas tree instead of a cut-tree ?  Potted Christmas tree has its own environmental benefits :

  • Saving fuel and emission as need no transportation to buy repeatedly every year.
  • Having tree in your home is good as it helps absorbing CO2.

Many people however experience that potted Christmas tree won’t last longer than the season, some even say it can not stay indoor longer than 7-10 days.  Here are some tips to help the potted tree remain in good condition  :

  • Choose a Christmas tree which looks fresh and lively with roots stiffly hold on the soil. Do not buy a tree with bare roots, as it will have less chance to survive.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient soil of fine potting mix in the container.
  • Keep the plant well watered.
  • Place the tree in a cool corner outdoor for 3 days as to adapt to the temperature difference between the cold outdoor and the warmth indoor temperature. Do the same after Christmas, before the potted tree is returned to the garden.
  • As outdoor plant, Pines or Fir does not request special treatment, unless you need to change to a bigger container / pot year after year with adding fine mix potting and proper watering.

And this is it, you will have the most eco friendly Christmas tree year after year, which steadily store CO2 and filter the pollutant around your home!

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