Natural Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments.

Use Natural Christmas Ornaments.

Christmas ornaments seem to be more crucial than Christmas tree.  In 2002, 21% of United States households had a real tree, 48% had an artificial tree and 32% had no tree. but most households put Christmas ornaments. Those who don’t have a Christmas tree in their houses, at least put Christmas wreath on their door, Christmas centerpiece on dining table or other Christmas decoration at some corners that still need Christmas ornaments. Therefore it’s harder to think about Christmas without Christmas ornaments than to think about Christmas without Christmas tree.

The industry of Christmas ornaments has therefore developed into a giant business in some countries. China whose people don’t traditionally celebrate Christmas, even become the main exporter of Christmas ornaments. The US spent nearly $ 600 million to import Christmas tree ornaments from China in 2008.

The materials of these Christmas ornaments are also varied. From originally consisted of fresh fruit, nuts, candies, they are developed into artificial ornaments with wider range of shapes, like ball, star, moon, heart, candy even angel.  The material of today’s ornaments is glass, wood, metal, ceramic, metal and plastic. Plastic now becomes the material of most ornaments.

The volume of household waste in U.S. usually increases 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year day; some of it come from the Christmas tree and its ornaments that thrown to the landfill. As lots of Christmas ornaments are made of materials which are difficult to recycle and often have hazardous chemical content, you can help reducing it by:

  1. Use as many natural Christmas ornaments for your decoration.
  2. Donate your ornaments to charitable organization instead of throwing to the landfill.
  3. Decorate your Christmas gifts wrapping with unused Christmas ornaments.

Using Natural Christmas ornaments often cost less. You can use candies, popcorn, chocolate, candles and fruits with adding some greenery from your garden.  They can make a great Christmas decoration in your home.

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