Recycled Paper

Recyclec Paper Benefits

Recycled Paper.

Benefits of Recycled Paper.

Using 42 % of the forest harvesting has made paper production the major upshot of deforestation. So many products can be made from paper pulp - both virgin pulp and recycled paper : tissues, food packaging, books, notes, newsprint, boxes and many more some of us even cannot imagine of. This is one reason that rainforests - home to about half of all the Earth’s plant and animal species - are being cut down at the rate of 100 acres per minute. The U.S. State Department estimates that forests four times the size of Switzerland are lost each year because of clearing and degradation.

Most of us have deep concern on the deforestation, but silently - with or without awareness - constantly increase our consumption of paper day after day, that today papers  has become so intact in our daily life. Just reckon our daily bond with paper :  starting from our bathroom activities, then our morning newspapers, coffee, breakfast, all involves  paper. Then when we get to office a pile of papers is waiting in our desk. It was then until we close our eyes in bed that can we release the role of paper in our day.

Average worldwide annual paper consumption is 48

KG per person with North America accounting for

over 1/3.

Source: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Discussion Paper (IIED, London, September 1996)

Worldwide consumption of wood products has risen 64% since 1961. U.S. alone annually already uses up 200 million tons of wood products, with paper production consuming 1  billion trees  -  yet it tends to be increasing by 4% every year. Only 5% of virgin forests remain in the U.S today.   Global use of  paper pulp  has as well risen from 40% in 1998, to an expected 60% over the next 50 years. . Indeed it’s getting harder and harder to get rid of papers these days, but  you can help reducing the deforestation rate by recycling paper and buy only products which uses recycled paper.

What You Can Save With Recycled Papers :

So did you know what you  will save by  recycling paper ? You will save  trees, energy, water and landfill space. You will protect forests, lots of plant and animal species, watersheds and ecosystems;  and you will  also minimize the pollution of toxic chemicals poured to Earth. Buying products from recycled papers would mean the same. Just to give a clear picture :

Producing paper with 100% recycled paper will make :

74% less air pollution
44% less energy
38% less greenhouse gas emissions
35% less water pollution
49% less solid waste
100% less wood !

Another  source from Waste Reduction Is a Smart Business Decision - Onondaga from Source Recovery Agency, in 1998 can estimates a more specific information of what we can save from recycling 1 ton paper:

682.5 gallons of oil
7,000 gallons of water
3.3 cubic yards of landfill space

So much water we can save by recyling paper,  that can help balancing  the other giganic water use to fulfil the human needs.. And the number of trees saved is by the same amount of recycled paper is : 17 ( Purdue Research Foundation and US Environmental Protection Agency, 1996)

Suggestion  :

Recycle your used papers.

Collect all your used papers  - office papers, notes or writing books, books, magazine, newspapers. Almost any kind of paper can be recycled. Contact a paper stock dealer or paper recycling center who usually will collect recovered paper from your home or office. You may send your sorted paper to a local recycling center or recycling bin .Your local dealer can tell you the options available in your community.

Buy products made of recycled papers.

Recycled paper is made to the same standards as paper made from virgin pulp, do not hesitate to buy products with recycled papers. There are many things you can buy from recycling papers : recycled book, recycled tissues, recycled paper cards, recycled newspapers, name any products of papers, then you can find the recycled products.

Use as less paper as possible.

Reducing  the use of paper in your daily life, to keep you from generating bulk of paper every time.  Read online  newspaper, e-book, use both sides paper when you print, send your greetings by electronic card instead of printed greeting card, avoid using disposable container for food and beverage. Reduce your use of tissue, napkins and any other paper products.

Washington Post reported that 77% of paper is recycled in the Netherlands, while Worldwatch Institute estimates that number of paper recycled in Germany is 67 percent, while in Japan 52%  and in U.S. only 45%.

In 2004 American Forest and Paper Association revealed that average American uses 18 cubic feet of wood and 749 pounds of paper - equal to a100-foot tree with an 18-inch trunk . If the recycled paper in the country could be increased,  it can save a lot of trees, landfill space, oil  and help reducing the environment impacts significantly.   Just imagine,  the Energy Conservation finds out that if all American recycle their Sundays papers, 500,000 trees could be saved each week!

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