Recycled Items For Eco Cleaning Tools

Recycled items for eco cleaning tools

With 7 ( yes, seven)  billion people living in our planet, there surely huge productions on everything to fulfill the daily needs, which generates gigantic harmful pollution and emission and deforestation on the other side. Reduce, reuse and recycle is the weapon to minimize it, because it cuts down the processing of more resources to make new products while reducing materials sent to the landfill. The following tips to make some recycled items for eco cleaning tools might make contribution in this fight.

Old towels : Don’t throw away your old towel, even if it was torn. You can use it as mop, cleaning cloth, or to wipe your kitchen sink after you wash your dishes or wherever you can replace the use of paper towel.
Facts : The world estimated production of tissues (facial tissue, toilet tissue, table napkin, paper towel, wrapping tissue etc ) is 21 million tons. Paper towels are the second highest application for tissues paper and a million and a half  tons of paper towels are being tossed out every year in the U.S. Replacing paper towels with this reusable old towels is one way of being green in your kitchen.

Socks and T-Shirts : According to Earth911, an average American throws away 68 pounds of clothes and textiles each year, that totally contributes about four percent of the municipal solid waste (MSW) stream. You can lessen this by using your old socks or T-Shirts as cloth to clean the shoes, bag and any leather surface, or cleaning dust and polishing your furniture.

Toothbrush : Your old toothbrush can be very helpful for most cleaning; remove the stain in your laundry, clean your kitchen sink, or clean the mold in the bathroom fixture. When washing athletic shoes and sneakers made of canvas, you will mostly need a toothbrush.

Bottles, jars, jugs and other containers. Use your empty spray bottles, jam bottles, soda bottles, food containers, jars or other containers to mix and store your homemade cleaning products or any thing that needs container. Be sure to label the kind of cleaner and the date of production. A glass bottle that dumped to the landfill needs up to 1,000,000 years to breakdown; in 2008 Americans sent 12.2 million tons of glass to landfill. Plastic Container will require 50-80 Years to decompose while plastic beverage bottle needs 450 years.

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