Water-Efficient Laundry Washing

Reasons and Tips of Water Efficient Laundry Washing.

Regardless of where you live, whether in a rich country, or a poor underdeveloped country, you will everyday face a mound of an annoying thing, which we cannot run from: laundry.  Laundry washing therefore uses much water, the second after water use in the bathroom.
In many underdeveloped countries where water treatment is not properly managed and many homes cannot access water, washing clothes is a hard task. Women and children have to walk hours to fetch water from source miles away from their home. This heavy job too often left them with no choice than to wash the laundry at the water source, polluting rivers or lakes with soap and detergent.

So, what about washing the laundry in modern rich country, where water is easily accessible and drainage is well set at every home? Are there still things to care in concern with the environment? The answer is yes; water crisis is threatening the next generation.  Lot of  action has been taken to halt this crisis becoming worsened. And you could do your part - from your home, through your wash machine.  Learn how an eco friendly washing machine should be.

In developed countries, most laundry is done by wash machine. American use 22% of household water just to do the laundry. If you care about the environment, then try to look for a water and energy efficient wash machine, plus find eco-friendly detergent - that’s the  tips of saving water in the laundry room. EPA states that a standard washing machine use 41 gallons of water per load, but a high efficient washing machine use less 28 gallons of water, making a water saving of 6,000 gallons a year for an average family.  So much can a water saving wash machine helps the environment! As wash machine is the only instrument concern with laundry, here are some few wise words from the laundry room:

Operate automatic clothes washers only when they are fully loaded or set the water level for the size of your load.

And  use  an eco friendly washing machine.

You may be also interested in saving water tips in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

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