Eco Friendly Tips To Remove Beverage Stains.

Eco Friendly Tips and Secrets To Remove Beverage Stains.

There are many kinds of beverages we consume everyday, milk, tea, coffee, juice, wine, and each - even water – can create stains in our home. We can find many stain cleaner in the stores, but those  commercial stain cleaners commonly contain a mixture of harmful chemical substances. Here are some eco friendly tips to remove beverage stains, by which you can clean stains in a safe way.

Eco Tips to Remove Beverage Stains :

Coffee stains : to remove stains in your coffee mugs, wipe them with white vinegar, using sponge or scrubber. For stubborn stain, soaked the stain in white vinegar for half an hour then scrub, or your can either soak it glycerine for 15 minutes. To clean stain in your teakettle or coffee marker, pour a mixture of 2 cups water and ¼ vinegar into it, then boil and let sit until cool before usual wash.

Tea Stain : Tea stain in your tea cups can be removed by wiping them with vinegar using sponge. For hard stain, soak the cups either in vinegar or glycerin for some time, then wash as usual.

Wine Stains : Soak the stained garment in a solution of 2tsp borax and ¼ cups water for 15 minutes then wash as usual. There is also an eco friendly recipe for the stubborn stain, dip the spotted area in boiling milk.

Juice Stain : Generally spilled juice won’t make any hard stain, you can simply clean it with water. However if some fruit stain remains, you can apply a mixture of lemon juice and borax for a few minutes, before washing your clothes as usual.

Water Stains :

Water spill creates mineral build up which look like white spot. Here are some eco tips to remove it :

Water rings on wooden surface : Apply toothpaste or mayonnaise on the stain then wipe with a wet cloth. For stubborn mineral deposit on the wooden surface, you can apply vinegar. Let the vinegar sit for about 15 minutes, wipe to clean then polish with baby oil or olive oil to regain the shining surface.

Mineral deposit on bathroom fixtures : Soak a soft cloth in vinegar than rub it around the stain and let sit and wait until the mineral build up gets softener ( approx. 1 hour ) and can be easily removed. For stubborn stain, make a paste of baking soda mixed with water, scrub the stain using toothbrush. Learn more tips on non-toxic bathroom cleaning.

Mineral stain in Kettle : Boil 2 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar in the kettle for 15 minutes, rinse well and boil full kettle of water for another 15 minutes to get rid of vinegar residue.

Making your homemade beverage stain cleaner, can make least toxic residue in your home; help creating your home to be a small eco friendly planet.

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