Eco Friendly Laundry Tips

Some Simple Eco Friendly Laundry Tips:

Clothes do higher our carbon footprint, not just from their production but also from their maintenance, washing and ironing.

80 percent of the energy consumption of our clothes is used for washing them.

Rocky Mountain Institute, Home Energy Brief #5 Water Heating,” 2004

Their maintenance requires water, energy and detergent, which generate pollution and emission to air and water as well. Practicing some eco friendly laundry tips might help cutting down the environment harm and your budged too! Here are those eco laundry tips:

- Use solar power to operate your washing machine and iron. Solar energy is a free source of energy, non fossil-fuel, no pollution and no emission as other sources of energy.

- Use efficient washing machine and energy-saving iron. Efficient washing machine such as top-loader type can save your up to 60% water and energy consumption.

- Wash your clothes with cold water as hot water consumes much more energy. Most laundry detergent is composed for cold water washing. Using cold water with cold water detergent can reduce up to 500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Wash machine that completed with technology of ColdWash can maximize the efficiency of cold washing. Here is

- Operate the washing machine only with full load, so you can save water and energy consumption.

- Use eco friendly detergent instead of commercial detergent commonly found in the market. Commercial detergent contains a cocktail of toxic chemicals while eco detergents are made with far less harmful chemical. Make a homemade detergent if possible, as it will give you the most eco friendly product of detergent.

- Air dry your clothes instead of tumble dry. Get cloth drying racks or clothesline and you will get some benefits you: your energy bill reduced, your clothes smell better and your clothes will have longer life span plus you will cut your carbon footprint.

- Choose clothes that are eco friendly: clothes that use eco material such as hemp, bamboo etc. Those materials help balancing the eco systems of our Earth. Learn more the difference.

- Clothes that are not labeled to be dry-cleaning only, as dry cleaning use stronger harmful chemicals.

- If you wish to use freshener for your laundry, choose a natural freshener instead of using mothballs. Common mothball can harm your liver and kidneys as it contain Para dichlorobenzene. Collect some dried herbs like thyme, rosemary, mint, ginseng, cloves, flower petals or potpourri with your favorite scent and put them in some corners on your closet.

And the last green laundry tip:

- Wear clothes more than once before washing. Although you are practicing eco friendly laundry tips like using eco detergent, energy-saving washing machine and iron, you will still consume some water and energy, and spilt pollution while washing. Less washing means less harm to our planet.

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