Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaner Recipes

Easy Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaner Recipes.


Kitchen is where we prepare meals for our family; yet many of us we aware of this shocking fact on kitchen:


If left unclean for same period of time, kitchen sink harvests more bacteria than toilet seat


so we use lots of cleaners  in our  kitchen to assure safe and  healthy food;  yet this action  could be the  source of unhealthy  risks to the environment and … your family !  Kitchen cleaners contain lots of toxic compounds, such chlorine bleach, artificial fragrant, coal tar, ammonia, quarternium 15, naphtha and many more. They have various risks for your eyes, skin, lung, kidney and even brain. It is also carcinogenic.   Using eco friendly kitchen cleaners could reduce the chemical use and save your family from unnecessary health risks while creating an eco friendly planet. Here are some eco friendly kitchen cleaner recipes.


Eco Friendly Sink Cleaner

Kitchen sink often “receive” food spills when you wash either food or kitchenware, and when wet, those spills can spawn vast colony of bacteria, mold, and germ.   This is why we have to pay extra attention in sink cleaning. Use following eco kitchen sink cleaner instead of using commercial toxic cleaner: 

Recipe of Eco Kitchen Sink Cleaner.

To kill the bacteria, mold and germ, use lemon juice or diluted white vinegar. Let sit for 30 minutes.  Rinse with water. 

Due to their high level of acidity, lemon juice and white vinegar can kill most household bacteria, germ, mold and mildew.

Continue with cleaning it with a mixture of baking soda and salt to scrub stainless steel sink


Eco Friendly Drain Cleaner

Commercial drain cleaners generally contain lye, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid which can cause various health risks and harmful pollution. You can clean your drain in a simple, cheaper eco friendly way with following recipes:

To simple cleaning, you can pour down the drain a mixture of 4 liters boiling water and ½ cup of salt. For stubborn clog, pour ¼ cup of baking soda followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. Tightly close drain until fizzing stops then flush with hot water.

Tips:     - Above cleaning is for metal plumbing.

- Use drain strainer to avoid drain clogging.

- Frequently flush your drain with boiling water to prevent clog.


Dishwashing detergent:


Dishwashing soap is often reported to be the most toxic household cleaners which can release carcinogenic formaldehyde.


Eco dishwashing detergent recipe:   Mix one part borax and one part baking soda.  Use 2 tablespoon of this mixture per load.  You may add vinegar for anti bacteria


Eco Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner:


Food spilt in our kitchen cabinet can spawn a colony of millions bacteria if not immediately cleaned. There are lots of commercial kitchen cleaners in the market, but you would not want to spread toxic chemical in the area where you store food. So here are some recipes to make eco friendly kitchen cabinet cleaner which are not harmful.


Eco Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner recipe:    Mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 cup of warm water.  Vinegar kills bacteria, mold and mildew, and warm water removes grease or oil. . You can add this mixture with a few drops of essential oil if gleam and sweet smell is desired. You can also replace vinegar with lemon juice as lemon produces strong acids that kill most household bacteria. Pour your homemade kitchen cabinet cleaner into a non-aerosol bottle, spry and softy wide your kitchen cabinet.   For stubborn dirt and buildup, you can use baking soda mixed with water. Scrub to the area softly, then wipe with the cabinet cleaner mixture.


Eco Friendly Stove, refrigerator and microwave cleaner


Food and oil spill can make your top stove, microwave and fridge gloomy.  There are lots of commercial scouring powders sold in the market to clean them, but they contain chemicals that are allergen, irritant and carcinogenic.  You can substitute scouring powder with baking soda. Use a damp sponge to apply it.

To make their surfaces shinny, drop a few olive oil or cooking oil and wipe all the surface;  this just don’t make them shiny but also free of rust.

Eco Friendly Oven Cleaner:

Mix a paste of baking soda and water. Polish on inner part. Let stand for at least 3 hours before removing with wet sponge.


Using commercial kitchen cleaners is like spraying harmful chemical residue in your house, your fridge, your kitchen ware and your dishes. The residues and vapor of those cleaners causes indoor air pollution that can irritate our lung. Shop here for the ingridients, but if you are to busy to making homemade kitchen cleaners, then find some eco products as alternatives in our store here.

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