Recipes of Eco Friendly Natural Cleaners.


Easy Recipes for Eco Friendly Natural Cleaners.


The following recipes of eco friendly natural cleaners might help making your home greener as standard home cleaners do have some impacts both to the environment and our health. The chemical compounds used in those cleaners generate air and water pollution that causes lots of allergies and diseases.  Making natural cleaners to replace the rich chemical cleaners can avoid such impacts. Here are some recipes of natural home cleaners that are eco friendly:


Eco Friendly Natural All-Purpose Cleaner: Add ½ cup vinegar and ¼ baking soda into 2 liters water. This natural all-purpose cleaner can be used to remove water deposit stains in bathroom fixtures, mirrors, windows etc.


Eco Friendly Natural Floor Cleaner: Add ½ cup of vinegar to one gallon of water. To disinfect floor you can add ¼ cup borax.


Eco Friendly Natural Carpet Cleaner: Use baking soda and cornstarch. To clean carpet stains, mix spray an equal part of vinegar and water on the stain. Wait 15 minutes before you cleanse it with warm water.


Eco Friendly Natural Furniture Polish:  For wooden furniture: Mix 1 teaspoon lemon oil / lemon juice to a cup of warm water. Spray this natural furniture cleaner to a soft cotton cloth to damp, and wipe it to the furniture. Then wipe to dry it with another soft cotton cloth. For non-wooden furniture, add the above mixture with some drops of olive oil to soften the cleaner. Do the same to dry the furniture.


Eco Friendly Natural Window CleanerWindows can be cleaned with above natural all-purpose-cleaner, or it will as well do with just 1 tsp .vinegar, 1 tsp salt, well mixed with 1 liter warm water.


Remember, the more natural ingredients you use, the more eco friendly cleaner you will get.  You might also interested to know how harmful the Standard Cleaners are to our health before you decide to make your own eco friendly natural cleaners.


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