Eco Friendly Washing Machine.

Eco Friendly Washing Machine and The Story.

Eco friendly washing machine are what the washing machine manufacturers are fighting to design. This is why :

samsung-energy-saving-washing-machineOne way to make your clothing eco friendly is by choosing eco friendly materials like hemp clothing and bamboo clothing instead of the conventional cotton. However whatever your clothes are made of, they still have some footprint in their maintenance. Washing, drying and ironing them do have significant impacts on the environment.

Eighty percent of the energy consumed by our clothes is in washing them.

Washing clothes also requires a lot of (fresh) water : 4.5 billion gallons each day in the U.S. alone. No wonder with such impacts on the environment, the washing machine manufacturers are competing in developing a design that is water and energy saving. The front-load washing machine is more water and energy efficient compared to the top-load type.

Front Loader Washing Machine, the Green Washing Machine.

Front load washing machine is designed with spin on a horizontal axis and with some development from his elder cousin, top-load type, this smart machine could use down to much less energy,  water and detergent! Not enough with just being a water-saving washing machine and an energy-saving washing machine at the same time, this eco washing machine will give you more advantages :

Faster drying

Quitter Operation

Longer Life of your clothes

Larger Loads

You can find lots of choices of front-load washing machines here.

How to make your clothes washing even more eco friendly.

You can assure your washing eco-friendly, if you use washing machine certified with Energy Star logo. Energy Star program was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) in an effort to minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission generated by energy consumption. Devices with Energy Star logo generally use 20% - 30% less energy than required by federal standard. To make your laundry done in even more eco friendly way, operate your washing machine with solar energy.

Some advantages to environment brought by eco washing machine :

  • Reduce household carbon emission tossed to the atmosphere due to its efficient energy consumption
  • Help the water conservation as it uses less water.
  • Saving the water and aquatic life as it uses less detergent.

And to you : save money.

The washing machine showed on top left was a production of Samsung  which is Energy Star compliant and allows you to save water to 60%. With this smart machine, not only will you save money, you’ll lower your monthly bills & heighten your contribution to the environment. Learn more.

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