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Eco-Friendly Electric Bulbs  a Way to Save the Environment.

Green Bulb

Green Bulb

A home without light is like a man without spirit. None of us  like  to have our homes dark, so we illuminate our homes at night by putting lamps on every corners, indoor and outdoor, to make it hospitable. The more it is illuminated the more hospitable it will look;  then we don’t care about the amount of energy to light up our homes.

About 12 to 15 percent of the electricity used in a home is for lighting.

Incandescent light bulb seemed to be the magic bulb to do the task of lighting up houses and buildings when it  was  invented in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison. He was not really the only person who tried to invent electric bulb  and indeed, lots of research and development has been made before and after this invention that  enable us to have  several kinds of light bulb to choose today : from the conventional incandescent  bulb to the  latest developed eco friendly bulb or green bulbs.

Why we should discard the Incandescent Bulb.

With concern of the global warming threat, every attempt of minimizing the greenhouse gas emission is made everywhere. One of the giant sources of the emission is from the energy power plant. There are more than 50,000 power plants worldwide which annually contribute 10 billion (10,000,000,000 ) tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere. The US, with  8,000 power plants, is responsible for about 25 percent of this emission, that is 2,8 billion tons of CO2.

One big step to minimize this emission is by reducing the energy use, from our home, and choosing eco-friendly bulbs can helps a lot on this.

In 1997, U.S. residents consumed an average of 12,133 kilowatt-hours of electricity each, almost nine times greater than the average for the rest of the world. (Grist Magazine).

The less we consume energy, the less the power plant will have to produce it, then emission and pollutant are less generated. By the time the global warming issue  raised, we realized that  incandescent light bulb uses only about five to ten percent of the consumed energy into light and wastes the rest 90% into heat. This is  such an energy waste which  naturally generates unnecessary emission. Of course, it will create a waste on your energy bill as well.   Research were then rushed  on the invention of energy-saving bulbs, and then after years, more energy-efficient  light bulbs were entering the market, known as Flourescent lamps, which later developed into  Compact Flourescent lamps ( CFLs).

An incandescent light bulb costs 75 cents or less at the store, but it will typically cost six to 10 times that for electricity over its relatively short (750-hour) life.

Rocky Mountain Institute, 2002

More and more improvement were made on this green bulbs, that nowadays we can save energy up to 80 - 90%  of what we  spent with the initial conventional bulb, meaning every time we switch on the lamp, we can avoid unnecessary  emission  ( and unnecessary expense) by at least  80%. See, how  eco-friendly light bulbs  they are  !

Kinds of Eco-friendly electric Bulbs:

Here are most popular choices of the recent energy saving bulbs for home lightning :

Compact Fluorescent Lamp ( CFL ):

CFL Light bulbs consume around 80% less energy than the traditional incandescent bulb. The life span is also 6 to 7 times longer ( 10,000 hours), and the purchase price is inexpensive.

Tungsten Hologen Lamp.

Tungsten halogen bulb adopts similar technology of incandescent bulbs, but with modified design that makes them to be far energy efficient. Usually the bulbs are small, that makes them ideal for ceiling lightning, wall displays or even for the floor. This kind of bulb is usually applied for decorative mean, and not as popular as CFL for home lighting.

LED ( Light Emitting Diodes)

LED bulb has  longer life span than the other bulbs, 60,000-100,000 hours, with even lower energy consumption, that can save 80-90% energy, However the price is higher than the other light bulbs.

Conclusion :

Adopting eco-friendly light bulbs, as said above, can minimize more at least 80% energy used for lighting. Thus a great protection you can make to the environment. Switching to those green bulbs will also keep you from excessive energy bill. So, you can protect the environment and yourself. Try also energy-saving tips on lighting. You will be astonished to learn here how strong the power of green lighting is.

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