Solar Pool Heaters.

Solar Pool Heaters, the Most Eco-Friendly Pool Heater.

solar-swiming-pool-heaterWhen you have a swimming pool in your backyard, your most wish would be a round-year swimming season, or at least - your second wish - a longer summer. Unfortunately, in many places, climate is not that friendly; yet with a pool heater you can slip summer into your swimming pool at anytime you wish. This - just like any other water heating-  will certainly give you an extra cost, as it needs initial cost to purchase, and energy to run. The question is, which one is the most cost-effective?  

Kinds of Swimming Pool Heater:

There are some kinds of pool heater, depended on the kind of fuel used to run it,   electric, gas, oil-fired and solar pool heaters. If you choose the electric type, then you will likely have the most expensive investment, for the purchase, the operation and the maintenance. The most common used is the type that uses gas to run. This is less expensive than the electric type. Oil-fired type is usually used where the LP gas is not available. Of those above kinds, solar pool heater is the most lucrative, as it mostly uses the free energy to run, solar energy

Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Solar Heating does not release greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide into the air like does the fossil fuel.


The benefits of Solar Pool Heaters:

Yes, using solar energy is no doubt giving environmental protection, but there are some other benefits you can get from your solar heater pool.  

  • Although the initial cost of installing a solar pool heater is higher when compared to the other types, the cost of its operation and maintenance is the lowest among the other types. It will payback the initial cost in 2 - 7 years.  
  • You can install a smaller pool solar heater as a start, and then you can add more panels later to increase the capacity later.  
  • Solar pool heater can also cool your pool during peak summer, by circulating the water through the collectors at night.
  • Solar pool heater can as well lower the temperature of your room in the summer, as solar collectors that are mounted on the roof absorbs the heat saturated in the roof deck due to insulated attic. 

Types of Solar Pool Heating Systems:

Types of solar pool heater are differing by the material used for the collectors:

Unglazed collector system: Collectors are generally made of heavy-duty rubber or plastic combined with an UV censor to extend the lifetime of the panels. Due to their plain design and cheaper components, unglazed collectors will cost you less than the glazed collectors will; but you can only use your pool when the temperatures are above freezing. If the unglazed system is designed to drain back to the pool when not in use, then it can even heat your indoor pool in cold climates.

Glazed collector systems, which are made of copper, aluminum plate and iron-tempered glass cover. This system collects solar heat more efficiently than the unglazed systems. Equipped with heat exchangers and transfer fluids this glazed pool heating system can be used year-round in various climates. Obviously this smarter solar pool system is more costly than his cousin, unglazed collector system. 

There are some option of solar swimming pool panels and accessories offered online, which you can apply to your pool with simplier structure.

Supplies for Pool Heater:

The following are some supplies that significantly needed to maintain the efficiency of your solar pool heating and to make your swimming comfortable:  

  • Pool Cover: All systems require a pool cover, especially in winter season to prevent heat escape from the pool water to the air. A good pool cover can cut heat loss by more than 50%.
  • Automatic Comfort Controller. The solar pool heater collect heat from the air. But there are times when the air temperature is lower than the pool water temperature. This device is to ensure that your solar swimming pool heater will only gain heat and not cool your pool instead.
  • Anti-freeze protection. Make sure that your solar pool heater systems includes freeze- protection to protect the collector and piping from damage caused by the freezing temperatures.

Since using renewable energy, solar swimming pool heaters support the clean environment. It will drastically cut your household carbon emission; reduce your energy bill while extend your swimming season ! Swim like a swan, and here are some swimming pool supplies to make your swimming more fun !

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