Solar Air Heater, An Eco Friendly Space Heater.


In the U.S., 43% of the residential ‘s energy expense goes for heating :  29% for air heating and 14% for water heating. As  the annual energy bill for a typical single home is approximately $2,200,  you  are likely  to spend some $. 638.00  for just heating your home every year. With this amount ( which apparently to be regularly increasing due to price of fossil fuel ), you can make a good investment, plus supporting a clean atmosphere; installing a solar air heater instead. 


On average, 16 million tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere every 24 hours by human activities.  


Solar heating system will significantly cut your household emission; reducing the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases that created from the use of fossil fuels. The cost of installing a solar air heater can be rather expensive, however there are many local utility companies or state agencies offering rebates for solar systems. The state or federal governments are even support the use of solar energy by granting tax exemption or tax credits for people who apply solar power technologies in their home. By obtaining these benefits, you might significantly  cut the initial cost of your solar air heater while  the savings you get afterwards will pay off the device. One more important note is that after installed, your solar heater will needs only little maintenance and once your  the purchase price  is recovered, it will provide you with free heat for a long period.


That’s just the financial benefits of using solar air heater, the other benefit is the environmental support you will be giving to our planet. By using solar space heater in your home, you will deeply cut your household emission,  minimizing your contribution to the greenhouse gas.


There are  2 systems of Solar Air Heating.


Passive Solar Heating System :  This system is merely  uses only sunlight to create heat ( could either to heat air, water and thermal mass) and does not involve  active mechanical system that demands non-renewable energy to run. This is why it is considered to be more eco-friendly or greener than the active solar heating system. Home design, such as orientation, window size and direction etc. plays a significant role in this passive solar heating.  

All you may need to create a passive solar heater  are sunlight and some materials to built the solar collector / heat storage. What make this heater even greener is that the material used to create it are usually collected from used or recycled materials, such as aluminum of canned drinks and used plywood. You can either purchase portable solar collector which can be placed or moved to a desired room.

This simple heat collector is ideal for heating smaller area and mostly wont work where sunshine is not available.


How  to Install  Passive Solar Air Heater :


-          DIY :  Making a basic ( but functional ) air heater is not as difficult as you think. It does not require complicated skills to build one. And it is cheap too. Such incredibly simple materials like plywood, soft drink cans, cello tape, will do your project.  There are lots of guidance and tips you can find or you can buy cheap e-books detailing the solar heater instructions. Here are some references of those e-books, and yup ! You will have a portable solar air heater that cut down your energy consumption!


-         Purchasing factory-built collectors for on-site installation are available. There are choices of built-in solar collectors you can buy, choose one that meets your need. Here are some samples that are durable and can efficiently collect solar ray.


Active Solar Heating System :


Except consisting of just solar collector,  this solar system needs electric fans or pumps to distribute the solar heat in a fluid. Therefore it  is considered to be less eco friendly as it requires a significant amount of non-renewable energy to run.  However, colder seasons often drive us to no option than using more active systems as they also have a storage system that  enable them releasing heat  even on cloudy days. In other words, active solar heating systems is ideal to fulfill continuous and  larger heat demands.


In line with the flexibilities, this active solar heater requires higher investment while the installation needs construction.


Things to consider when installing Active Solar Air Heater :


-        Each home has a different need  of heat  needed, while  climate conditions varies widely from place to place,  so here are some a couple of things you should care  before installing a home air heater :

-         Insulation : Check whether your house is properly sealed and insulated as leaks will make heated air escape from your house. A well-insulated house will make a solar room air heater more effective.

-         Always check whether your installation meets the local  building code requirements before you start installing your space heater.

-          Performance of your solar energy systems depends on the system’s design, installation, and the quality of the components. Find an experienced contractor so you can have the most effective space heater. 


Like I said on the above, air heating are averagely consume  1/3 of the home energy. That’s why replacing your conventional air heater to solar air heater might reduce your household carbon emission up to one third  as well. And cut your energy expense to that same percentage. That’s one thing worth to do.

Other ways to cut your energy consumption are using :

- Solar Water Heater.
- Solar Lamp 

LED Bulb.

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