5 Qualifications of A Good Solar Contractor.

5 Qualifications of A Good Solar Contractor Should Have :

Having solar to power your home can give you some benefits. You can cut your energy bill, obtain tax credit and rebates that mostly offered along with the solar installation and get a higher value of your property when it is done.

There is no doubt that installing any solar systems would make a good investment, whether it is to heat water, to illuminate your home or to power you home appliances. What you need to focus on is how you build your solar systems.

For smaller power, you can build a solar panel by yourself. There are many DIY guides and readily made solar panels you can shop. On the other hand, for larger solar systems, such as water heating or pool heating where a careful installation is required, you will need the help of a good solar contractor.

A good solar contractor can prevent you from various risks, loss and unnecessary wastes due to an improper installation. Those unexpected things could be home damage, heat loss, and compensation on worker’s accident, defiance on local residential building codes or other regulations and any frustrating incurrence.

5 Qualifications of A Good Solar Contractor Should Have:

Here are 5 qualifications that a good solar contractor can free you from the above risks:

1. Licensed: Select only contractors licensed with PV or solar thermal installation certification. Installing a solar system requires skill, therefore be sure to find a licensed worker.

2. Insured: Hire insured contractors only; insist upon certificate of general liability insurance. Find professional contractor who carry insurance that covers both the worker and home damage due to the installation.

3. Experienced: Getting experienced solar contractor will reduce the risk of improper installation. Be sure to check the working records and get some references if possible. Usually an experienced solar contractor fully comprehends the local residential building codes and other regulations, solar exposures in your area etc.

4. After sales service: Choose contractor that offer guaranteed products and after sales service / maintenance service.

5. Cooperative: A proficient solar contractor should be willing to listen to your detail requirements and check location before submit his quotation. He should also offer best solution / suggestion and alternatives.

Whether you plan to install a solar water heater, pool heater or other solar systems, contact at least 2 or 3 qualified solar contractors to get several written proposals / quotations to compare. Learn which one is most advantageous and suitable for your need before you finally make a contract with a proficient solar contractor.

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