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Solar Panel.

The Importance of Installing Solar Panel.

Everyday, we instinctively 10 times push a button that provides electricity  to run our daily life properly. Once we wake up, our fingers creep to a  light switcher, in the bathroom we do it again for hot water,  in the kitchen to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, then we watch television, read and write e-mails, work,  even at night before we close our eyes we once again push the button: for a bed reading.  Electricity does make our lives bright, but here is the other side of it : 

Each kilowatt-hour of electricity causes over two pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere

 In the United States, electricity is even said to be responsible for 35% of all emissions of carbon dioxide, 75% of all sulfur dioxide, and 38% of all nitrogen oxides.  The total energy used by the nation has lead to  hourly consumption of over 100,000 tons of coal, 2.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and 738,000 barrels of petroleum uses sufficient energy equivalent to flying around the world 2,500 times. 

So, what ? Should we just step back to the times of Flintstone to fight global warming ?  Of course not. There is another way of getting electricity, which is far more, eco friendly: using solar panel

Our Earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than the world uses in a whole year. Solar panel collects, absorbs and converts this free sunlight into electricity. Compared to electricity we get from a coal-fired plant, this solar energy is more sustainable. Not just it prevents us from depleting the running-out fossil fuel,  it also is green energy, energy without tossing pollution and emission on its production.  

The application of solar panel in home :

Solar panel applied in our home are commonly in the forms of  : 

  • Solar thermal panels, which are used to heat up water for use in the home. This is commonly known as solar water heater.
  • Solar Electricity Panels or Photovoltaic (PV), which  uses the photovoltaic effect to turn sunlight directly into electricity. Setting this solar panel will generate clean and renewable electricity to our homes to power our home  appliances. 

One basic photovoltaic or solar cell  can generate only a small amount of power. To produce more power, usually some 40 solar cells are interconnected to form  panels or modules, which can provide electricity power from 10 to 300 watts. To obtain greater power, you can set some photovoltaic panels in an array. By this method, you can even provide viable solar electricity to power small home. 

As PV technology can use both direct and scattered sunlight to generate electricity, the solar resource across the United States can support small solar electric systems, yet the amount of electricity created are depend on the amount of solar energy received. With today’s improvement on solar technologies, PV arrays can be mounted at a fixed angle facing south which receives the greatest amount of solar energy or they can be mounted on a tracking device that follows the sun, allowing them to catch the most sunlight over the course of a day.

Ways of installing solar panel in your home : 

A home solar system is generally consisted of  solar panels, an inverter, a battery, a charge controller, wiring and support construction. There are many ways to make your home  accessible to this free, clean energy. 

  • Do it yourself - many DIY books, they provide lots of   solar information and guidance. The information covers the material, installation and various   information and tips regarding solar energy. Here is a wide selection of Solar E-book for your guidance, and a wide selection of solar panel and accessories, find one which is most suitable to your need of solar installation .
  • Call a solar contractor or solar suppliers.   You can call a contractor of solar system construction.  Some experienced solar suppliers will evaluate your home building and discussing your energy consumption preference  before determining and installing the most suitable solar systems for you.   

What you can power from solar panel : 

Due to their modularity, solar systems can be designed to meet any electrical requirement, both large and small one.  You also can connect them to an electric distribution system (grid-connected), or they can stand-alone (off-grid). You can run your water heater, AC or air heater, and many more home appliances with your solar panel. You can even heat your pool using this free energy.   

Benefits of installing Solar Panel Systems. 

The cost of installing a solar system in your home might somehow be quite high, but it makes a good investment : 

  • Solar electricity - in the long run-  will be cost-effective than buying it from the power company. There is an initial investment at the installation, but then it starts paying for itself. Once the cost gets break even, everything after that is profit. Compare this to paying an endless monthly bill with no return on investment. 
  • You will mostly get government tax credits. Most governments will grant some kind of tax credit or incentive for those purchasing solar energy systems. Rebates usually cover 20-30% of the system cost.  
  • Home investment :  equipped with a solar system, your property will have a higher price.

 Solar Panels Create Eco friendly Energy  :

One kilowatt electricity produced from your home solar panel will prevent such hazardous impacts : 

  • 150 lbs. of coal from being burned.
  • 300 lbs. of CO2 from being tossed to the atmosphere
  • 105 gallons of water from being used
  •  NO and SO2 from being released into the environment .                                                      

Solar CellSo many benefits we yield from installing a solar panel in our home; to close this article, I would like to remind you that the sun produces 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts of energy every second, while we still keep depleting our fossil fuel and creating greenhouse gas to fulfill our daily need of electricity.  Install a solar panel in your home, and be more eco friendly to our planet.


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