Solar Lamp

Solar Lamp, the Most Eco Friendly Lamp.

A solar lamp is a lamp which is powered by solar energy,  a form of portable light fixture consisting  of a light-emitting diode (LED), a photovoltaic solar panel, and  rechargeable batteries. During the day, the solar panel transforms sunlight into electrical energy, which is stored in the rechargeable batteries. At night, powered by the stored energy, the LED bulb turns on automatically to illuminate.

They can be used as both indoor lamps and outdoor lamps.  Solar indoor lamps are used for general illumination, while solar outdoor lamps have more function than just illuminating lawn and garden. In many places, those solar lamps are also used in light streets billboards, signs, and parking lots.

Benefits of Solar Lamps :

  • Clean energy: using renewable energy, your solar lamp will not create any pollution and emission, as do your electric / conventional lamps. The more you replace your conventional lamps with solar lamps in your home, the more you reduce your household emission.

One normal 100-watt light bulb creates a party balloon full of CO2 every half hour that it is on

  • No cost to run. There will be no energy cost to run solar lamps.
  • Easy and Low-cost maintenance. Solar lights do not require wiring or other complicated electrical installation. It is a portable fixture, which you can place or move easily where you wish. More than that, once you install a solar light, its LED bulb’s can be operated up to 100,000 hours, that is more than 22 years if the lamp is turned on 10 hours every night. Imagine if you use incandescent or fluorescent bulb, how often you will have to replace the bulb during that period.
  • Good investment: Solar lamps payback their retail price in energy savings. As they are durable and long lasting, they will still make bonus after their prices are recovered.

Tips for maximum illumination of Solar Lamps:

Outdoor solar lighting will work in most areas of the United States, however to obtain the maximum illumination of solar lamps take the following tips:

  • The solar collector will absorb the most while the battery capacity will perform best when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, place the fixture or solar panel in direct sunlight. Putting a solar lamp in a shaded area may not just cause a lower light output or shorten the illumination duration, but also affect the battery charging, performance and lifetime.
  • A solar lighting system can perform optimal when the solar cells receive the sufficient hours of sunlight recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Occasionally check the battery, clean the dust or dirt on the panel surface, and replace the battery when required.
  • Some solar lighting systems are self-charged units. They need to be placed in a sunny location. Others have the lights separate from a solar cell panel. You need to place just the panel in a sunny location. Choose which type that most suit to your lighting location.
  • During winter, the illumination duration may shorten to be 30% - 50%. Make sure that the solar lighting system has been specifically sized for winter operation.
  • Be sure to choose weather proof, waterproof and shock proof, if you want to buy solar garden lamps or solar lawn lamps.


Lots of environmental damage has been caused by the use of non-renewable energy. With increasing interest in fuel conservation and reducing the global warming effects, solar lamps can be a great solution. Solar lights are not only used for illumination purpose, without wires, they appear nicer as decoration than can the wired lamps. Their simple installation makes them easily moved to create new lighting effects. Indeed most manufacturers of solar lamps have produced outdoor fixture solar lights in wide variety of beautiful designs. Combination of beautiful design and soft, subtle accent lighting of solar lamps will give your home and garden a romantic touch; one seen on the above is a sample which is very affordable.

You might want to know how using solar energy can support green Earth, and how using non-renewable energy helps damaging our planet.

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