Benefits of Solar Energy


Solar Energy, An Eco Friendly Source of Energy.


Every day, sun ray travels to the Earth at a race of 186,282 miles per second. The distance between the sun and our Earth is nearly 93,000,000 miles that it takes more than 8 minutes for the sunlight to get our Earth. This free light falls on our Earth at unbelievable gigantic quantity.

Each day more solar energy falls to the Earth than the total amount of energy the planet’s 6.1 billion inhabitants would consume in 27 years.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Yes, the total solar energy we get from the sun is 35,000 times exceeding the total energy used by man. However in a process called Albedo, one third of the energy is absorbed by the outer atmosphere or reflected back into space.


The sun energy or solar energy can be converted into electricity.  This solar energy is cleaner than the electricity produced by coal fired power generation, it does not emit carbon to the atmosphere that effecting global warming or split pollution to our Earth that threatening our health.


One Kilo Watt solar energy is equivalent to the energy that of 170 lbs. coal burned in the coal fire power generation, this will prevent 300 lbs. of carbon from being tossed into the atmosphere and save 105 gallons of water per month.  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory reported that in 1998, the U.S. used more than more than 74 trillion BTU of solar energy to electrify and heat homes, businesses and utilities. This amount of energy is equivalent to that in 3 million tons of coal or 600 million gallons of gasoline.  

Fossil fueled power stations are major emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG) which according to the consensus of scientific organizations are a major contributor to the global warming observed over the last 100 years.

Here are some more benefits we can get by using solar energy:


Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy:


Avoid Natural Sources Depletion. Assuming our rate of consumption remains constant as in 2005, the world’s oil stock will run out in less than 40 years and coal in less than 150 years. Using this eco friendly solar energy will  help us  from worsening the water crisis we are facing today. Solar energy is a renewable source. We will not have to deplete any natural source (fossil fuel, water) like we have to when using electricity from non-renewable source, like coal fire power plant.  


Avoid Emissions. In the U.S., Coal Power Plant is responsible for about one-third of nitrogen oxide emissions, two-thirds of sulfur dioxide emissions and one-third of carbon dioxide emissions. Using renewable energy, such as solar energy, can prevent those emissions from being tossed to our atmosphere.  


Avoid Pollution. Conventional energy production such using fossil fuels also pollutes water, land and air that threatening the human and animal life. Coal Power Plant is the biggest mercury polluter in the U.S., as a result 44 states in the country have issued fish consumption advisories and warning due to the mercury laden on fish. Using clean energy like solar energy will reduce this pollution.


Benefits for the User of Solar Energy :


  • Most government will grant some kind of tax credit or incentive for people using or purchasing solar energy systems.  
  • Using solar energy reduces your energy bill.


Ways of Using Solar Energy To Fulfill Your Need of Energy :


Using clean energy such as solar energy can positively reduce the environmental harms.

There are lots of ways to using clean energy in your home. Home lighting, heating and cooling systems are the biggest energy consumer on residential sector; thus cutting your home energy consumption could be most effectively done by applying those wonderful energy-savers in your home : 

Lots of products using solar energy are available today, you can use some in your home or office to help reducing the greenhouse gas. Here is a wide collection of solar products and solar use guidance:


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