Hybrid Car Buying Guides.

Hybrid Car Buying Guides.

Hybrid Car Buying Guides and Tips.

Hybrid Sedan

Hybrid Sedan

Remember what we do when we drive, tune up music, chat, glance the view out there, anything to make the drive comfortable, forgetting that we are burning fossil fuels that releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and pollutants.  Out of the  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission produced from the household category, vehicle contribute the biggest portion, 51%. If you are deeply concern about global warming threat and decide to help it by switching to a hybrid car or elecctric car  then you can be hero, because hybrid cars offers  50-60 miles per gallon, and uses only one third of gas which is used by conventional cars.



A car that gets 20 miles per gallon (mpg) emits approximately 50 tons of global-warming-inducing carbon dioxide over its lifetime, while a 40-mpg car emits only 25 tons. Over the average lifetime of an American car (100,000 miles), a 40-mpg car will also save approximately $3,000 in fuel costs compared to a 20-mpg car.

(Natural Resources Defense Council)


Car buying can be confusing,  here are some Hybrid Car buying guides you will need before you visit a car dealer :


Find one type that most accommodate your needs.


The first buying guide of your hybrid car is  figuring out the use of the car, to go to work, to take your children to school etc. Deciding one type that most efficient for your need can avoid you viewing all types of hybrid that can cause you a headache.  If you need the car to just go to work, than find a small type, but if you plan to take your children to school etc, than a larger type or SUV will rather suit. The most efficient choice is taking one car that can fulfill the need of the whole family. By making the most efficient use of a hybrid car, you can force down the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission to even lower level and get maximum  fuel economy.


Plan your budget


Whether you prefer to buy cash or by installment, choose settlement that most suit to your wallet. There is wide range of hybrid cars in the market with various price levels. Make your choice to be not just eco-friendly but also wallet- friendly. After you decide the type of hybrid car that mostly suit to your need, than look one with price most appealing to your budget. Consider also the benefits that might come with the offer, such as discounted insurance premium, tax exemption etc. Also check the latest auto incentives and rebates and best promo offered.


Technical Review.


After balancing the above 2 points, choose the greenest one out of the category. One thing to verify how green a car is by looking at its  fuel economy, such as shown in its mileage. For instance, according to EPA, a vehicle that gets 30 MPG will cost you $490 less to fuel each year than one that gets 20 MPG (assuming 15,000 miles of driving annually and a fuel cost of $1.96). Over a period of 5 years, the 30-MPG vehicle will save you $2,450. As less fuel combustion means less emission, higher MPG will as well mean saving the atmosphere.


There are several green ratings in some websites that provide you competent buying guide for hybrid car. Those sources, such as EPA and Yahoo green ratings, are developed with means of environmental defense.

To further  help consumers make well-informed choices when purchasing new vehicles, in October 2008 EPA and the Department of Energy (DOE) have unveiled the 2009 Fuel Economy Guide with  hope that car shoppers can save money and time with 2009 Fuel Economy Guide.

With this guide, American now have proper information to buy greener and cleaner cars and trucks, so they can make smart vehicle purchasing decisions.


Optional tools


Consider whether you need to have some optional tools that come to one package with your new hybrid car. There are some tools that can help making your car greener, like: detract, cruise control etc. Hybrid cars are commonly equipped with such tools in concern with environment protection. Check with your dealer models with most build-in tools. On the other hand, learn carefully  unnecessary optional tools that come with the offer that might even lower the fuel economy and make the hybrid car less green. Such tools are like : Four-wheel drive that increases fuel consumption, luggage racks that gives extra weight ( choose clip-on type if you think you need it ).



According to the Department of Energy and Maryland Energy Administration, Americans use a billion gallons of motor oil a year, 350 million gallons of which end up polluting the environment. Well, if you just decided to switch your conventional car to a hybrid one, than you have made another big step to protect our planet.


To make your car even greener, you might be interested to practice smart driving or known as green driving.

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