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Hybrid Car

Hybrid Car, an Effort to Safe the Planet.

With more and more awareness of global warming impacts, we all try to do anything to combat the source. Hybrid car or some call it electric car, is created as one way to do so. But how far can it help the environment?

As already known, the major background of global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.  Transportation has long been recognized as the second largest contributor of this CO2 emission, which is generated from the fuel combustion during the vehicles operation.  In addition to this American Lung Association also stated that vehicle pollutant is a frequent cause of lung disease.

In 2007, transportation emissions in USA   is (2,036 MMTCO2e)

Energy Information Administration ( EIA)

The above reasons have pushed automobile makers to invent vehicles with less emission, known as hybrid car.  Does it really worth to switch to a hybrid car? A basic knowledge how it works and the benefits maybe can help you understand how far this hybrid car plays a role in the environment protection.

What is Hybrid Car?

A hybrid car is a car that operates with two or more sources of power, usually a gasoline engine and one or more electric drive motors. Since this hybrid car combines those kinds of power, it uses less gasoline than the conventional car which use single power source of gasoline engine.  As result, hybrid car will generate much less gasoline combustion and emission of CO2 is therefore significantly minimized.     

How hybrid Car Works.

On hybrid car, power source is obtained by combination of gasoline engine with an electric motor which is motorized by batteries that automatically recharge while the car is operated.  Engines running on diesel or other alternative fuels can also be used in hybrids. When the car is idling or running at a steady speed of maximum 30 mph, the gasoline engine automatically shuts off and the electric motor takes on.  When the drive is powered by electric motor, it will not emit CO2 as there is no fuel combustion. When you accelerate to higher speed, then the gasoline engine will automatically take over the power.  

The Benefits of Hybrid Car.

Benefit for human:   The first benefit of a hybrid car for human is that it gives a health benefit for its ability to enormously reduce the car pollutant, both the CO2 emission and tailpipe emission. For every gallon of gasoline burned, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide and other green house gas (GHS) enter the atmosphere, and it will remain there until some decades or even a century. Because this emission is “blown to our face”, it harms more to human health than the industrial emission does.

Car emissions kill 30,000 people each year in the U.S.

(Federal Highway Administration / FHWA)

Secondly, hybrid car can excellently improve fuel economy. This kind of car is very efficient that you can drive for 60 miles per gallon. Longer wear of components will confer another money saving. Aside from that, hybrid cars also offer some incentives in tax reduction and exemptions from the Federal government. There are also some insurance companies reducing premiums on hybrid cars. With automobile manufactures’ tend to turn to hybrid type in the future; hybrid car may hold back a higher resale value than the usual car does.

Benefit For the environment: The average vehicle emits yearly around 6 to 9 tons of CO2. If we all use hybrid car, then CO2 emission generated during peak hours and traffic jams that regularly happens in heavily congested cities can be dwindled to zero level. In small town or suburb where slow driving is more likely preferable, emission of CO2 will be notably reduced. This situation will help reducing the contribution of CO2 emission to the planet, thus as great help to prevent global warming. Another credit to hybrid car is, as it consumes less fuel, then fewer natural resources are exploited.


We might not realize creating pounds of global warming pollution every time we drive, but again, car emission has been reported as one of the major sources that lead to global warming potentials.  Green car and green driving will help fighting against that. Although hybrid cars are normally more expensive than conventional cars fueled solely by gasoline, they pay off in the long run for both the consumer and the environment. For concrete comparison, switching from a standard sedan like Toyota Camry to a hybrid Toyota Prius can reduce about 1 ton CO2 emission per year. Quick responses to environmentally positive technology, minimizing foreign fuel reliance, and creating less pollution have their own rewards.  In other words, switching to hybrid car is another thing worth to consider to save the planet.

If you are considering switching to a hybrid car, than you might need to see the buying guide.

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