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Deforestation and the products behind it.



Deforestation is one of the major grounds of global warming. Many of us are trying all we can to reduce our carbon footprint to impede the temperature increase, but on the other side, we have been unconsciously encouraging deforestation in almost our single daily life. We do encourage deforestation? Yes, every single day, by freely (and comfortably) using the forest’ crop in our daily life. Reading newspapers and books, using tissues, having beautiful parquet in our home, the country look wooden furniture, writing on a note, … many good things in our lives come from the forest cry. Deforestation is constantly occurring not just to fulfill human need, but also human greed.

Between 25 and 30 percent of the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere each year – 1.6 billion tonnes – is caused by deforestation. FAO

Forest is the main natural earth’s carbon sink as tree absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) during the process of photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is absorbed and stored in its roots, leaves and stems during tree’s life and growth. The CO2 accumulated on a tree amounts to 50% of its total dry weight. This is a significant absorption capacity that makes total absorption by forest to be 20% of total CO2 tossed from the Earth. In the United States, forests absorb and store about 750 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year, equivalent to 10% of the country’s CO2 emissions. When trees are felled or burned, the CO2 they store flees back into the air, accumulates in the atmosphere as greenhouse gas that causing global warming.


But that is not the only harm that comes out from deforestation. Since forest is alsothe home of 70% of Earth’s animals and plants, the rampant cutting and burning of millions trees that are happening everyday will also endanger them. Scientist reported that some spices are even already extinct, while lots other are on the list of extinction. In other words, deforestation is also a cruel habitat destroyer.

Destructive deforestation still occurs today in vast areas of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. The rainforests of the Amazon, the Congo basin and Indonesia are considered to be the lungs of the planet. But in the next four years alone, the destruction of those forests will in the words of Sir Nicholas Stern, pump more CO2 into the atmosphere than every flight in the history of aviation to at least 2025.

Forest also keeps the land from drought and erosion. Globally around 62 percent of rainfalls occur over land from process of evapo-transpiration from lakes and wetlands and dense vegetation. Extensive deforestation has driven some countries in Africa to long extreme droughts which led to crop failures and depletion of livestock herds. Millions of people in Kenya, Congo, Somali and Ethiopia suffer from food and water shortage.

Products that encourage deforestation.

Many of us think that deforestation is done for timber only and that only wooden products are likely to be concerned with. In fact, according to NASA, land clearing is also meant to expand agriculture and infrastructure such as roads building and urbanization. The race to produce cash crops such as fruit, spices, sugar tobacco, soap, rubber, paper, and cloth has triggered land clearing. Cattle grazing also take a big role in land clearing.

Although deforestation in developed countries is averagely lower than in the third world countries, many evident proof that those in industrialized countries may participate in the destruction of forest in these poor countries. As result, there are many products related to the deforestation that become our daily customary needs; which we have been joyfully consuming them without being aware of the “hidden” deforestation behind it. Some of such products are consume in our daily life, like: beef, coffee, newspaper, book, and milk.

Eighty percent of the Earth’s natural forest has been destroyed. Despite of this scary fact, devastating tress cutting in massive areas still unstoppably occurs until today, that in the next 24 hours you read this article, such deforestation will release CO2 into the atmosphere as much as of 8 million people flying from London to New York.

Help the Earth fighting against it. Change your habits that silently encourage deforestation. Avoid or minimize using or consuming those products with hidden deforestation. Save our planet from further destroy!

You can fight deforestation from your home, through :

coffee3Your coffee : Most coffee cause land clearing and put lots of plant and animal species to extinction. Some don’t. Choose the right one.

online-newspaper Your Newspaper habit : conventional, printed newspaper, requires huge paper pulp that triggers rampant deforestation.  change to online newspaper instead.


Plant trees in your home. If every American family planted just one tree, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere would be reduced by one billion lbs annually. That will do some compensation for the released CO2 due to deforestation.

Avoid using paper or paper products as much possible, or use recycled paper products if you have to

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