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 Basic Points of a Green Home.

Home is where the heart is, so it is said for ages. Hence for most people – like you and me – home has become an investment. We would pay anything to make it as cozy as possible and since we know it is where our loved ones are nested in, then we would make it to be also safe. We set alarm, put strong door lock, cover insurance and make any effort we thought we can set our home safe and peaceful. The funny thing is sometimes we are unconscious that on the contrary, our safe peaceful home generates something that endangers not just our family but also other people and the environment on large scale. It’s the greenhouse gas emission that generated from our home that we often miss to take into account  in concern with the safety. We forget the threat of global warming effect we are all heading to. In brief, we should not make our home not just a safe home  be a green home too !


Average US household is responsible for emitting nearly 60 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air each year.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).




If you can’t imagine how much it really is, then this may help to figure it out: it’s the equivalent amount of CO2 generated from driving nearly 133,333 miles in a year, or similar to nearly 11,000 cars driving an average of 12,000 miles in a year.  Are you wondering how much the total household emission in US? Just multiply it by 73 million households, that’s it!


So, in brief, a green home is about a household with lowest emission and pollutant to emit to the atmosphere. Minimizing the emission tossed from our home shall be the first attempt we should make to save our planet. It can be done by both minimizing energy use and getting the source of the energy from sustainable source.

Another point to attain a green home is to make it as friendly as possible to the nature, an eco home.  Make efficient use of water to help the global water conservation and design the house in a way that it can optimize the solar energy use. Plan trees in your garden, so your green home helps absorbing the CO2 from the atmosphere.

Last but not least, a green home is often a way of living. Way of reading news, way of drinking coffee,  way of driving, way of eating, way of shopping, way of cleaning the house  and other  ways of doing our routine daily activities.   There are lots of simple things we can do to create a green home but we often overlook them: choosing the right bulb, programming our thermostat, unplug the electric appliances when not in use and lots more extremely simple actions that can help trimming the greenhouse gases.


Creating a green home is not as expensive as we often thought. There are several things to do to realize it, but you don’t have to do them all at once. Practicing a green living way is the basic of a green home. Every step of green action contributes a fight to the global warming.  In short creating a green home can be achieved by performing the following steps:

-         Green living way.

-         Smart choice of electrical home appliances.

-         Efficient use of water

-         Use and consume only eco-friendly products.

-         Design and redesign house as much closest to the nature.

If you want to take a part on the global warming fight, then your home should be the first step to start from. To do that, besides following the the above geen home tips, you may need to learn the sources of your household emissions.


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