Major action to combat global warming

5 Major action to combat global warming

5 Major action to combat global warming

5 Major Actions to Combat Global Warming.

5 Major actions to combat global warming cover activities in our daily routine. It is human activities that make the greenhouse gasses excessively accumulated in the atmosphere. In the United States, greenhouse gas emissions come primarily from the combustion of fossil fuels in energy use, such as gasoline, coal, and natural gas, which represented 82 percent of total U.S. anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions in 2006.

Here are some tips to minimize such greenhouse gasses tossed to the atmosphere:

Energy efficiency: Energy or electricity used means burning fuel or oil which produced emissions, mainly CO2. Minimize the energy use by:

  • Use energy saving bulbs
  • Use as many possible energy efficient house appliances.
  • If possible switch to green power or renewable energy source, such as wind or solar power.
  • Regularly check and maintain all your home appliances, especially ones that consume lots of energy such as heater, cooler, refrigerator.
  • Be sure to check your house insulation. Many cases prove that energy waste is caused by air leaks that force excessive heating or cooling.
  • Avoid unnecessary energy use. Unplug all electric appliances when not in used, use manual appliances where available instead of electric ones, such as manual shaver, manual land mower etc.

An easy attempt to  reduce your energy consumption is by  simply use home appliances labelled with “Energy Star“.  Products with this label have been attested  to operate with lowest possible energy.

Drive Smart: Gasoline burnt when driving generates lots of pollutant and emissions, that are not only endanger the atmosphere, but human health as well. Practicing smart driving gwill cut the emission and pollutants up to 30-60%.

Consume Organic Products : organic drinks, organic clothes etc, are goods that are produced by maintaining sustainable sources, managed to protect not only the environment, but also human health, earth sustainability and biodiversity, and animal species from being endangered. Consuming organic products means we help protecting them. Learn the organic labels that usually attached on the products.

Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle. Reduce or minimize your purchasing. Remember, each product, even one single little item, generates emissions on its production process. Large consumption on the product will push large production, which resulting huge emissions. Reuse what we have instead of throwing them away. We can minimize the earth’s waste this way, while also slowing down the production race. Recycling means saving natural resources and minimizing the production pollutant and emission.

An average American uses 8 times the natural resources of the average world citizen-and produces   5 times the air pollution of the average world citizen

Use water efficiently. Only 3% of the total water on earth is consumable for human and most plants. The rest 97% is salt water in the oceans. Hotter temperature caused by global warming has decreased the amount of this fresh water. Further decrease in fresh water will disturb the agriculture that can lead to global famine and risk the life of human and all living creatures on earth. Reserving water not just protects environment but also save lots of money, because did you know, just by having a leaky toilet in our home we can waste 200 gallons of water per day?

Above are 5 major tips to combat global warming . If we fail to take steps to minimize the causes, than we might be facing furhter hazardous impacts of the global warming. Another substantial source of global warming is deforestation. As I wrote this article it struck me that you might be interested to learn how forests all over the world have been miserably destroyed day by day, threatening the life of human, animals, plants and the ecosystems; and did you know, most of us have been unconsciously supporting this!

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