Hemp Paper

Hemp Paper, the Ecofriendly Paper. 

Hemp Paper

Hemp Paper

Many attempts have been done in combating the global warming effects. As much eco friendly ways are practiced in our daily life for this purpose. Reducing the use of papers that has a significant contribution in putting our Earth on climate change is among these attempts. One way to minimize the environmental effects from our paper is by using one which is yielded from a sustainable farming, the hemp paper

Hemp agriculture has been found to be able to maintain the ecological balance, thus we can  exploit natural resources without destroying the ecological balance of an area. It also requires much less water and does not need fertilizer or pesticides to grow.  

Hemp Paper vs Tree Paper. 

Hemp Paper Lowers the Deforestation

Hemp fiber to make paper can be yielded in 90 days while tree paper  are derived from trees that take 15 to 50 years to grow. Hemp paper can reduce  the deforestation rate. Over the same period of twenty years, one acre hemp farm can produce pulp for paper as 4.1 acres of trees.  

Hemp Paper makes a cleaner paper production.

Not just barely chemical-free in its farming, when compared to the production of tree paper, hemp paper also makes much less  chemical pollution. 

The U.S. paper-producing companies are the 3rd largest energy consumer, and this increases the carbon footprint of paper.  Using an eco friendly paper like hemp can significantly cut it down.   

The pulp and paper industry is also the 3rd largest industrial polluter, tossing 220 million pounds of toxic pollution into water and air each year.  Three million tons of chlorine, a major source of carcinogen dioxin, is among this pollution that dumped into  water each year. This will not occurs in hemp paper production, as hemp paper  does not need chlorine bleaching.  Overall, hemp paper making generates only 1/5 to 1/7 as much chemical pollution than wood paper. Hemp paper is also acid-free. 

Hemp paper is longer lasting than tree paper,  and it is stronger. Unlike common paper, hemp paper won’t get yellowish, no matter how old the paper is.

Hemp Paper is a Better Choice.

If you are to use paper, make it as much possible as of hemp paper. There are lots of products made from hemp paper such as hemp greeting cards, hemp envelopes, hemp books, hemp gift wrapping paper, hemp paper bag, even hemp wedding invitation. Using products from recycle papers is also  eco friendly, but remember, hemp paper can be recycled 7 times while paper from wood pulp can be recycled 4 times only. So hemp paper is a better choice.

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