Eco friendly beauty and body care products

Eco friendly beauty and body care products selection

Eco Friendly Beauty and Body Care.

Eco Friendly Beauty and Body Care.

….  No, I’m not selling beauty products for Orang-utans :) .  What I’m trying to do is  saving their lives.

Thousands kinds of products for beauty and body care are flooding the market, escorted by aggressive ads that  promising youth, beauty, popularity and happy life that  most of us just could not resist.  Consequently, everyday billions of people worldwide are using those products to have proper care for their bodies, from hair to toes.  The industry of beauty products are then booming, mostly claim using natural ingredients which are derived from plants and animals. The massive demand of the material for this production could lead to environmental imbalance and has proved triggering unfavorable impacts on our Earth. Palm oil is one example.

Palm oil is used in so many products, from food to detergent and cosmetic.  The cosmetic industry takes 7 percent of the global supply of palm oil, yet there are so many cosmetic, beauty / body care products using this ingredient.

About 87 percent of the world’s palm oil comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. The use of palm oil in many products has sky-rocketed the demand and triggered vast deforestation in both countries. In 2007 the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) published a report, revealing that palm oil plantation are currently the major cause of permanent rainforest loss in Indonesia and Malaysia.

If strict action is not taken, then 98 percent of the rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia could be vanish in 15 years.

The deforestation due to palm plantation in those countries are also threatening some endangered animals like Orang Utan, Elephant and Sumatran Tiger. Every time we use a product containing palm oil we are directly supporting the destruction of habitats for these endangered species. In a report “The Last Stand of Orang Utan “UNEP reveals that the vast deforestation in Borneo and Sumatra might drive the Orang Utan to extinction by 2020.

Sustainable Beauty Care Products to Save Orang Utan.

Always look for products that contain sustainable oils such as canola, sunflower, hemp or olive oil instead. Hemp is a much more sustainable plant than palm. We can yield hemp in just 90 days, while it also use less land space. Using hemp ingredients instead of palm will reduce deforestation, cutting the greenhouse gas and saving endangered species.

Everyday, we use lipstick, lip balm, body moisturizer, soap, shampoo which are among products that generally use palm oil. You can find those products which use hemp oil instead.

Switching to hemp beauty and body care products will press the soar demand of palm oil. A wise choice of selection like the above could save Orang Utan and our Earth.

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