E-reader, a way to Create Eco Friendly Planet.

E-reader also known as electronic reader, which was just invented a few years ago, was overwhelmingly accepted.  Not just presenting reading in such a convenient and practical way, this slim gadget holds powerful ability to protect our planet. Here is the story how.

Forests have forceful power to fight global warming;  they store huge amount of carbon dioxide that could become greenhouse gas when let loose to the atmosphere. Despite of that fact, we keep destroying this global warming fighters in a frightening rampant way  :

We destroy forest at the rate of 1 acre per second, bulldoze the size of New York’s Central Park at every 16 minutes, and clear  up the size of Pennsylvania a year.

Why we do this ?

Satisfying the needs of our life is the answer. We harvest forest to fulfill our need and greed. Reading is one amongst them. And it takes a lot of paper.

Globally, 71% of the world’s paper supply is derived from ecologically valuable, biologically diverse forests rather than from tree farms.

(Toward a Sustainable Paper Cycle: An Independent Study on the Sustainability of the Pulp and Paper Industry, 1996)

What goes into paper?

  • 37% Managed regenerated forests that have been logged and then encouraged to grow again by natural means, such as seeding.
  • 29% Industrial pulp plantations that produce fast-growing trees such as some pines and eucalystus.
  • 1% Tropical rain forest.
  • 1% Original temperate forests (United States, parts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Europe and China).
  • 15% Original boreal forests (Alaska, Canada, Russia and Scandinavia).
  • 17% Unmanaged naturally regenerated forests.

What do we do to those papers ?

There are no documentation of the consumption for worldwide paper use, unless 71% of the world’s paper supply is derived from ecologically valuable, biologically diverse forests. Publication are among the major use of paper. Definitely the number of global publication of book, magazine, newspapers, journal and other form of printed documents, will present a shocking figures. In the U.S. alone, some appalling facts in relation with publication have been exposed.  The book world (in the U.S.) uses up more than 1.5 million metric tons of paper each year. A repot revealed in the Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts: Findings from the U.S. Book Industry stated that 30 million trees are cut down to publish the books sold in the U.S., while  the U.S. book publishers use only 5 - 10% recycled paper.  Another study estimates  that  every day, Americans buy about 62 million newspapers and throw out around 44 million of them. there are about 24,407 magazines of various categories published in the U.S.  while according to the Magazine Publishers of America, only 20 percent of magazines are recycled from the home. Another study shows that Americans throw away the equivalent of more than 30 million trees in newsprint each year. Yes, the global warming fighters, end up in landfill.


What E-reader can do to the environment.

Along with the global warming awareness, there are numbers of efforts made to slow down the rate of deforestation by minimizing the consumption of paper pulp, such as recycling paper and creating digital books and online newspapers.  E-reader, like the kindle e-reader, is another way of enormously trimming down the enforcement of deforestation.   This eco friendly reader  can present thousands of paper-free books, including paper-free newspapers and paper-free magazines.

How far can one e-reader protect our planet  ?

A  study about the 2006 book publication which done by 76 publishers, 13 printers and 6 paper mills which report  is covered by the Eco Libris,  revealed that carbon footprint of a book is averagely 8.85 lbs.

One type of e-reader, like the kindle, can stores up to 3,500 books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Just multiply the number of books with the average carbon footprint of each book ! Consider also that the paper production is the 3rd largest emitter and consumes huge amount of water - according to Environement Cananda, approximately 324 litres of water is used to produce 1 Kg. of paper.

How We Can Help :

Think before buying a book. No matter whether it is made of recycled paper or even a used book, it was once a tree.  Having an e-reader instead will help protecting our planet a lot. It will certainly reducing the deforestation, thus avoiding the global warming effects coming faster.  ;  slipping this slim reading device in your bag will be like slipping your library to it, but actually, you have as well help slipping our planet to a saver stage.

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