Eco Friendly Printer


Eco Friendly Printer

How to Get Eco Friendly Printer

Your printer does not consume as much energy as your monitor and CPU does.  Most efforts done in order to make an Eco friendly printer are primary refer to minimizing the printing itself and the efficiency of the use of paper.  As an important device that generally “attached” to computer, there is millions of printer used globally.  Just like other electronic devices, printers consume various sources in production, and then the operation and the wastes also cause significant environmental problems. With some small steps you can create an eco friendly printer that helps minimizing the environmental harm.

Which printer is more Eco friendly?

There are 2 kinds of computer’s printers usually used both in office and at home are inkjet printer that uses ink cartridge and laser printer that uses ink toner.  Which one is more eco friendly?

  1. Liquid Ink ( inkjet cartridge ) generates less air pollution than  dry ink ( laser toner).
  2. Laser printer consumes larger energy than does ink jet printer.
  3. Plastic is the main component of  both cartridge.  Plastic in laser toner requires 15.9 liters of oil to produce, while ink cartridge requires only 70 ml.

With above facts, choosing an ink jet printer is a wise choice to have an Eco friendly printer.

What you should do to make printer eco friendly  :

1.   Choose an Energy-saving printer.

Having  a low energy- consume printer will not only help the environment, but also save you money.  Choose one with  ENERGY STAR label, as  office products under this label  use about half as much electricity as standard equipment - saving half in utility costs. View some products of energystar printers here.

2.    Minimixzing  the electricity consumption :

Set  save mode after  10 minutes of  inactivity. During office hours and plug off the printer when you leave the office. If you buy printer with energy-star label, than your  printer will automatically do this job . ENERGY STAR qualified printers automatically go into “sleep” mode after periods of inactivity. Sleep mode does not only help you  cutting the electricity bill, but also helps your printer  run cooler and last longer.

3.    Print efficiently :

Creating an eco friendly printer also includes efficiencies in all aspects in printing :

4.    Keep Your  printer  as long as  you can.

The production of printers consumes various natural sources. Don’t waste them. Printers do not have as high obsolescence rates as computer s do. Therefore do not replace it with a new one unless necessary

25.2 million Hard copy peripherals (printers, copiers, faxes, multi’s) were in storage by 2007

US - Environemt Protection Agency

5.    Recycle / reuse the old printer

Once you decided to have a new printer, find a way to make your old one still  useful.  Donate, trade-in, resell or recycle it .

20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste disposed worldwide each year

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Help to stop that terrible fact worsen.

Here are some printer recycling centers  you can choose. They are free of charge, some will even pay you cash for your old printer, or you can trade-in   for a new one.

Printer Recycling Centers:







Do your little steps today to make an eco friendly printer.

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