Eco Friendly Office

Eco Friendly Office Design.

Some Environmental  Concerns in Eco Friendly Office Design.

The were nearly 4.9 million office buildings existed in 2003 in the U.S while every year, approximately 170,000 commercial buildings are constructed.  The buildings and all the human activities involved in this sector have certainly generated unfavorable environmental impacts. Efforts on reducing those impacts can be made in many ways, implying eco friendly office design is one of them.

There are some essential environmental concerns to consider when designing an eco friendly office.  :

Install renewable energy for your office operation, such as solar, wind power etc. to  reduce  the carbon dioxide emission.  The US Energy Information Adminstration ( EIA) reveals that 1,018 million meteoric tons of carbon dioxide ( CO2) was tossed to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels to supply energy to the commercial buildings in 2009.  According to EPA, Commercial buildings in the U.S.  contribute 18  percent of the nation’s  total carbon dioxide emission. Today, the pollution and waste generated from coal-fired power plants have become a major treat to human health and our planet. Yet, half of the  America’s electricity is still generated by burning coal. Help cutting the treat by using renewable energy in your office.

Build a rain harvesting system, so your office wont waste water for toilet flushing, cleaning  the yard etc. Despite of the water crisis that threatened our Earth, we have wasted this limited stock fresh water - supposedly to be drinking water.  The US - EPA reveals that Americans use 7.8 billion gallons  for outdoor uses, majorly to water the lawn daily, and  27 % of the household water consumption is to flush the toilets. Using rain water for these 2 purposes can reduce the water footprint significantly.

Install windows. Design your office with installing windows to enable you to use  more daylight as lighting . Having windows also help the air circulation and reduce the indoor pollution.  Smartly installed windows features can also  help controlling the temperature:  block the outdoor heat in summer while keeping heat inside your office within winter.

Green your office: Have indoor plants, some are very good to purify the indoor  air in your office. Plant tree if your office have yard. Consider designing roof garden or vertical garden. Plants and trees help absorbing carbon and other hazardous pollution.

Smart Room Division. Design the rooms efficiently and smartly, pooling more staffs in a room will save the energy of  lighting, and air-conditioning. Most of the energy consumed in office is used for cooling and heating the air. Heating and cooling space takes the biggest portion of energy consumption in office.

Eco furnishing . Use as much eco products to furnish your office, always choose  low-energy office appliances, water-saving  fixtures, eco friendly furniture and  use as much  products from recycled materials.

That’s the environmental concerns  for an eco friendly office design.   Taking those concepts into your office design,  will help create basic fundamental eco friendly office for sure.

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