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Reducing Water Consumption

Smart Steps on Reducing Water Consumption in Office.

Guides on Smart Steps on Reducing Water Consumption in Office.

Only 0.5% of the Earth’s water is accessible to support our life, yet most of us have unconsciously wasted this precious natural source in our daily activities. Many of those activities are done from our working place. As most adults spend the day in office or work place, the proportion water consumption within working hours is quite sizeable.  Taking smart steps on  reducing water consumption in office can significantly help the water crisis problem.

Whether we work in office, factory, plantation, restaurant, hospital, or fire-station we do consume water. Many of us even use the toilet and wash our hands more often in our work place than at home. We also drink more within the day time, which is in our work place. Surveys shows that the largest amount of water used in office is for flushing the toilet, use in catering or cleaning dishes, while only small proportion is used for drinking.

Smart Steps On Reducing Water Consumption in the Office :

  • Find and repair any water leaking : toilet, taps and other water fixtures such water heater, urinals, worn pipes and loosen seals etc. that may cause water leaking.
  • Turn to water saving fixtures: use dual flush toilets, automatic taps and urinals, spray nozzles on hoses. Those water- efficient fixtures can save large amount of water use in the toilets, office yard and canteen kitchen.Have a look on some samples of such water saving fixtures here.
  • Clean the windows and cars less often, using waterless cloth will help saving water. Use a water saving ( and energy saving as well ) dishwasher in your canteen.
  • Consider reusing water. Collect and use grey water to flush the toilets or water the lawn/ garden.
  • Grey water is waste water collected from showers, baths, washing, cooling process etc.
  • Collect rainwater. Rainwater can be used to clean the parking area, flush the toilet and water the lawn.

If half of the UK saved rainwater by Rainwater Harvesting, we would save over 750 million m3 of treated water a year.

To create an eco office,  minimizing the water consumption is as important as reducing the energy consumption. Those above guides on smart steps of reducing water consumption in the office can greatly help the water efficiency consumption and can as well save significant amount of money if properly implemented. However to get these steps of minimizing water use fully put in practice, you have to frequently encourage all the employees to use water wisely at work ( and home ) and to be aware of the water crisis the Earth is suffering.

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