Tips on Reducing the Use of Papers in Office

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Reducing the Use Of Paper In Office

Tips on Reducing the Use Of Paper In Office

We use, send and receive piles of papers when working in the office. Count the papers we use to print everyday, the letters, proposals and brochures we send and receive (plus their envelopes !),  cards, memos, bills, receipts, papers to be fed to our copier and fax machine, packaging, calendars, books, magazines, tissues, lunch boxes, coffee cups, wallpapers and lots more activities in the office that involve papers. Yes, in this time we proudly declare as digital era, paper still holds the main role in business office.

Americans discard 4 million tons of office paper every year. That’s enough to build a 12 foot-high wall of paper from New York to California.

(EarthWorks Group. 1990.The Recycler’s Handbook. Berkeley, CA: The EarthWorks Press.)

Whatever the kind of paper you are working with now, just remember they were once a tree and you are going to send them back as another environmental harsh if you are not wise enough to treat the papers.

Here are some tips on reducing the use of paper in office, in order to minimize the environmental impacts :

Minimize using papers :

  • - Make hard copies only when necessary.
  • - Always use both sides of papers.

Buy Eco Friendly papers only :

  • Buy recycled papers only., choose products with high percentage of post-consumer recycled content.
  • Avoid buying bleached or colored paper
  • Choose chlorine-free papers
  • Consider papers with more Eco materials : Hemp papers.

Make the maximum use of unwanted papers :

Even though you have strictly implemented the above eco paper manners in your office, your will not be free of unwanted papers still. There will be old documents, unwanted catalogs, brochures, boxes and other paper waste. Don’t just throw them to the landfill. Here are several ideas of what you can make with those paper waste :

Reuse paper :

  • Shred them : Use them in your packing in shipment, instead of using Styrofoam.
  • Reuse the boxes : Either for packaging or container.
  • Reuse Paper : Calendars, leaflets, magazine etc, that usually contain colorful and beautiful images can be used in creative crafts, such as personal wishing cards, gift wrap, scrap book etc.
  • If you have papers with only 1 side used, you can make them as notes or internal memos.

Recycle papers.

Still don’t get the idea ? Well, recycle the papers. Collect those papers and paper products, and bring to the recycle center. Here is what actually what we do by recycling 1 ton of papers :

  • Saving 682.5 gallons of oil,
  • Saving 7,000 gallons of water,
  • Saving 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • Saving 200 kilowatt hours
  • Reducing air pollution up to 74%
  • Minimizing water pollution up to 35%
  • Preventing 60 pounds of hazardous pollutant from being tossed to the atmosphere.

Yest, that’s one of environmental benefits of reducing the use of paper in Office tips. The U.S. businesses use around 21 million tons of paper while UK uses 12.5 million tons of paper and cardboard every year. Just imagine how far we can protect the environment if every office worker do the eco tips on reducing the use of paper in office.

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